Times Like These - Cover

Times Like These

by Pars001

Copyright© 2022 by Pars001

Science Fiction Story: Lost in time strange things were happening to him.

Tags: Drama   Violence   Mystery   Science Fiction   Time Travel   Futuristic   Nanotechnology  

Hello, my name is Clondis Travian kind of sucks for a name I know. The thing is the name was good when I was born. I ... what? When was I born? Oh, yeah right, I believe it was January twenty fifth, 1329. Look my memory of this time is a little fuzzy.

I had just turned twenty, out looking for work when we started to hear of the black death. There had been talk the year before about it spreading across south Europe. I was making my way back from the docks where I had just landed a job when I heard a scream.

As one of the uneducated masses, I was almost unconcerned as I hurried past the scene. A man had fallen dead, a moment later pure bedlam of the situation broke out. Still trying to avoid attention I kept going even as many stopped to gawk.

I was almost to my little room when a rather strong arm grabbed me. I felt a severe tingling in my back opening my mouth to scream the pain increased as I thought I had been run through with a Rapier! Thankfully I blacked out as the pain was growing steadily worse.

I don’t know how long I was out minutes, hours I had no idea. The next thing I knew I was being dragged along the London streets. Son of a bitch! I didn’t know who the hell had me but you’d think if they went through the trouble to take me? They would try to not kill me. Stopping a moment later I saw a gray colored hand reach out to the wall pressing certain spots.

To my surprise the wall slid aside revealing a small metallic chamber inside. I felt whoever had me, drag me forward, and then stop as they got behind me. I got a very brief view of something so foreign to me my mind almost shut down. There in front of me was a man though not a man. He had huge dark, oval eyes, no nose, or slits for breathing. What got me the most was the extremely small mouth, plus the light slate color of his skin.

I could already feel the tingling starting to go away. Looking at the belt of the ‘gray guy’ I saw several items that I could only assume were weapons. Especially what looked like a wicked knife and something that I knew was a type of Revolver.

I decided as soon as we were inside I could escape possibly trapping him inside. Unfortunately he never afforded me the chance to do so.

[Control, ] I ‘heard’ in my head. [I have the focal point returning now to our present. The basic intelligence serum has been injected. I am at the transport unit. Arrival in approximately nine minutes. Gravity field activated.] Then the gray guy was steadily moving me into the chamber.

Checking me, the gray guy nodded assuming that I was still unconscious. Touching another spot on the wall a small door opened. Looking over whatever was inside the gray guy pressed several things inside as the door started to close. The inside of the chamber started to come alive as I managed to get my foot in the doorway stopping it a bit.

That’s when my head started to pound, trying not to move I was riding a wave of increasing pain. It was a minute later that I couldn’t take it any more ramming my elbow into what I considered the gray guy’s chest. Ripping the door wide open I jumped out not noticing there was nothing but a thick blackness outside of it.

I thought I ‘heard’ the gray guy scream out that it was too early, then nothing. I landed rather hard on something softer than the ground. Looking around I saw that it was pitch dark. Shaking my head I arose then almost fell over a body! Oh shit! What had I stumbled into?

Making my way through what had to be a huge field I saw a great many bodies strewn across it. Moving as swiftly as I could I managed to grab what appeared to be a battle spear though different than I had seen before. Wait? When in the hell had I seen a battle spear before?

As quietly as I could I moved away from the fires and light of the camps I saw. I was almost free of the field when I heard someone mention Warbeck. I stopped as my head started to hurt again. Warbeck? Wasn’t he responsible for the second Cornish rebellion in 1497? My mouth dropped open 1497? What in the hell was going on? It was 1349 right?

Shaking my head I kept going hoping I wasn’t mistaken for an enemy. I made my way to the dirt road as I started to walk steadily east. As far as I knew, London was the only place I could think of where there was a chamber. Stopping again I shook my head, I needed to get a ride or I might never get there. My god it was five hundred seven and three fourths Kilometers!

Sighing I started to walk again. It was a full week before me and another farmer I had met on the way pulled into London. My mouth fell open as I took in the city. Christ it was bigger, also somewhat dirtier than I remembered. Thanking the farmer I made my way across the city to the alley way that the gray man had taken me.

I was making my way forward when a paper on the wall caught my eyes. Walking to it I saw that it was a proclamation by King Henry VII. Startled I shook my head when I realized that I could actually read it! Reading further I saw it was about the coming execution of Warbeck. Nodding I moved on toward the alley.

Touching the wall where I remembered the gray man had, I nodded when it opened easily. Stepping in I made sure the door was still open as I stared at the panel I had opened. Shaking my head I couldn’t read a single word of what was displayed. Staring harder I felt my head start to throb. Looking again I saw that about every fourth or fifth word was now recognizable.

Shrugging I pressed the one that said activate. Then started to scream as I felt as if I was being torn in two! The chamber had only been going for perhaps thirty seconds when I fell out clutching my head. Again I felt as if I was falling then with a grunt I landed a little hard this time on the ground.

Dusting myself off, I looked around at the dark landscape. Where in the hell was I now I thought? Last time I had landed at the tip of England now I had no idea.

As I was looking around I saw a light ahead that was moving in a strange way. A moment later I heard a church bell start to ring. All around the country side I heard numerous bells as they started to toll. Then I heard many voices in the distance saying the king is dead long live the king.

Shaking my head I, against my better judgement, moved toward the sound of the voices. Finally I was closer as I saw a rag tag crowd of people around what appeared to be a town crier.

“Hear ye, Hear ye. Yesterday in the presence of god and country, our great king Henry VIII, joined our lord and maker.” The crier shouted.

“Eh! See here! ‘‘Hoo be takin ‘is place?” An older man at the front asked.

Shaking my head I thought the man was so uneducated. Then I realized that only a few days ago I was just like him!

“Shut yo mouth ‘enry!” A thin woman next to him said.

“I know not who will ascend the throne. Bugger off you cretin!” Several guards came forward as the crier kicked out at the man named Henry who’d reached for the parchment the crier held. This knocked Henry to the ground among a scattered laughing. “I should have you beheaded for trying to touch me! Be gone you filthy street rat!”

I stood away from the rest as several people threw a few things at the man named Henry. The woman who had told him to be quiet stayed at his side as several more spit on him, looking at her with pity.

Sighing, I walked on trying to remember the date. Let’s see Henry the VIII died January twenty eighth, 1547! Christ! What in the hell was going on? Shaking my head I looked around again seeing if I could recognize something.

Wandering around a bit I started to think I wasn’t going to find anything. That is ‘til I happened upon a field on the other side of the village.

Cocking my head to the side, I could only stare at the numerous landmarks. Son of a bitch! I was in the same damn place I was over fifty years ago!

Sighing I once again took to the road hoping I could survive another trip to London. I had gotten numerous rides from more than a few farmers, now I was but a day outside of London when I heard a whirling whooshing of a sound going over head. Looking up I saw what appeared to be a chamber not unlike the one that had started this.

Great I thought I’d have to keep my eyes open for the gray guy again. I really didn’t feel like another trip to the land of tingling nails and skin. The next day I thanked the farmer as we entered the city.

I was as cautious as I could be. With the death of Henry the VIII I had no doubt that security within the city was on high alert. Then there was the gray guy, that shiny weapon he had. I could almost recall a name for it, though for now all that came to mind was a ray gun. Then again I thought what in the hell was that?

It took me almost all day to get across the city having arrived at a point on the other side. The guards had us circle the city entering a more easterly gate. I was slowing more and more the closer I got to the alleyway the chamber was in. Stopping I was looking everywhere for the gray guy, no sense in getting shot again. Pausing I thought, shot? Where were all these strange words and ideas coming from?

I was about to round a corner when I stopped, ‘hearing’ the gray guy. Looking around the corner I saw he had the chamber open, the strange thing was a great many people were walking past it oblivious to it.

[I have tracked the focal point to this time period, control. After it incorrectly activated the time drop last time.] The gray guy stood there nodding ‘hearing’ someone else as they were talking to him. [I have a full scan unit... ] It was at that moment that I heard a steady beeping as the gray guy’s eyes got bigger. (Yeah, I know I was impressed also.)

The gray guy pulled a small box from its belt looking at it. Ducking back behind the wall I heard the beeping almost stop. That’s when things got as little weird. I could swear I could hear the gray guy start to curse. The thing is all I could really understand was the word, damn it!

[I believe he is within the vicinity though, the natural brick of the buildings seems to be hiding his bio-signature.] The gray guy thought.

I was nodding in agreement when a severe pain ripped through my skull. I almost screamed as I sunk to the ground. I tried to crawl away from the area as I suddenly knew that the output of my brain could be picked up easier. I made it almost a block away turning a few corners when I felt a presence beside me. I closed my eyes shaking my head damn it, it had found me!

[Ah! Comm ... Clondis sir! Finally I found you! We need to get you stabilized before you have a Transient Ischemic Attack!] Came the gray guy’s thoughts.

When I only looked at him as if he were crazy he thought a moment, [you still haven’t progressed far enough. You might call it a mini stroke though not really, the symptoms are the same.]

I was still staring at him when faster than I could follow; he withdrew, loaded, and then injected me with a pneumatic needle gun. [This is a synaptic accelerator, ] he said. Jumping as it made a sound I punched the gray guy as hard as I could. Diving in the chamber I hit the activate button even as the gray guy looked up in horror then faded.

I was smiling smugly when the pain started to creep up my legs. Screaming I had to hold on as long as I could. Unfortunately my legs collapsed as once again I tumbled out of the door. This time I knew I was screwed as I seemed to come out of the clouds heading for a moving body of water.

Smashing into the surface felt almost like I was hitting a solid floor. I felt consciousness start to fail as I heard a bunch of running feet heading my way. Waking up what seemed only a short time later I looked around the sparsely furnished, I guess it was a hut.

I tried to move then found I was tied to the pallet? Or was it a cot or bed? I was on. No matter what I did, I wasn’t able to get loose. A moment later an absolutely beautiful vision of what I could only call a red headed angel walked in. Looking at me she opened her mouth, “Ciamar a tha thu a ‘faireachdainn?”

I shook my head as I tried to concentrate on what she was saying. I looked at her gesturing her to say it again.

The red headed beauty nodded then stated, “Ciamar a tha you feeling?”

I smiled well I thought I got half of it. I opened my mouth to speak only a squeak came out.

Her brow furrowing, she untied one of my arms handing me an evil looking brew. “An seo drink this.” She said. I nodded as I took it from her hand and turned it up. “Mise suggest you go nas slaodaiche!” She shouted as I drained the cup.

Too late I realized what she had been trying to tell me. I suddenly lurched to the side away from her emptying the contents of my stomach. Embarrassed I tried not to look at her.

Smiling she handed me another cup of the same foul looking and now that I thought about it smelling brew.

“Nas slaodaiche this time. It is very strong, fada stronger than you smaoineachadh.” She told me as I nodded then started to sip at the concoction.

I almost lurched again as the liquid hit my stomach. Embarrassed again I turned away. “I apologize my lady.” Hoping whatever language she was speaking was finally coming out of my mouth.

“So,” she said taking the now (thankfully) empty cup from me. “It appears you haven’t had much cleachdadh with your Gaelic.” Here she smiled. “Some time with my husband a bharrachd air a ‘chòrr of his men will help.”

I shook my head, Gaelic? I started to search through my memories settling on the bishop’s wars. Looking at the red headed woman beside me I asked, “I seem to be lost. Is this Berwick-upon-Tweed? Or Newburn?”

She seemed to be shocked a moment then poured more of her evil smelling brew. “It is obvious that you are still unwell. Drink this, my husband has questions for you.” Sighing I nodded as I very slowly sipped at the ... whatever it is. Nodding she said, “in case this isn’t a lie as I feel it isn’t, this is Newburn.”

I nodded as I felt what I had drank starting to roll in my stomach threatening to evacuate once again. As my skin started to turn white The woman turned away from me pulling up her skirt. I heard a ripping sound then she was placing what I could swear were part of Silk Stockings over my face!

I was shocked when I felt my stomach start to quiet, shaking my head it was the damnest thing. “Good, as I said my husband is Lord General of the Army of the Covenant, Alexander Leslie. I am his wife Agnes Leslie.”

I was nodding then suddenly I had a searing pain in my head. Oh my god! It had to be the day after he and Montrose had secured victory. I tried to keep my mouth closed it was 1640! Almost a hundred years! I was in the northern most section of England, calculating I shook my head again. Good god! I was over four hundred sixty Kilometers from London!

I sighed as I laid back down; this was bad I had to get out of here before he came back. Closing my eyes I felt her retie my arm then move out of the hut.

Barely opening my eyes I saw I was alone again. Quickly I worked the arm she’d retied loose. I was free in no time though how to get away might take a moment. Moving to the back of the hut I looked out the square opening that was for air like a window.

Looking each way I was shocked that I didn’t see anyone. Carefully climbing out, I made my way from the hut as quickly away as I could. I was possibly a kilometer away when I had another searing pain run through my head.

Getting off the road and hiding ‘til this passed was a whole other thing unto its self. Falling I was still gripped by the searing blinding pain. I knew I was nowhere far enough away though at the moment I had no hope of moving.

Laying there writhing in pain I started to see images that I had no idea of what they were. I started to see numerous gray guys looking to me for orders. Orders? Alright now I was starting to get interested. Perhaps I could get the last guy to take me back.

Then the images changed, I was seeing the location of a chamber not far away. I was seeing it clearly in a city called Newcastle, thankfully only 11.1 kilometers away. Breathing a sigh I laid as still as I could trying to will the pain away.

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