Seed of Doubt - Cover


Seed of Doubt

by Denham Forrest

Copyright© 2021 by Denham Forrest

Drama Story: From tiny acorns mighty oak trees grown. Although some people can build mountains out of ant hills

Tags: Melodrama  

I think I should point out that this yarn started out life as a Wanderer story a good few years ago, but it lay incomplete amongst my files for many years. I have no idea what drew me back to it, however I have tried to complete it. Probably with a different ending than “The Wanderer” would have written. The following text has not been proofread by an editor; I’ve kind-a lost contact with the generous kind friends’ who undertook that onerous task for me. So I personally am to blame for the many gaffs that I’m sure will slip by my own proof reading. Fun, you-know, just like the early Wanderer postings.

Credit where credit is due. I believe I’m correct in stating that the idea for this story developed from three places, an email I received from an Australian reader, and from the scenarios of two other tales. JPB’s story “Becoming A Slut Husband: Nick”, and PAPATOADS tale “Seed Of Doubt, Tree Of Despair”. Or at least originally, they set the little grey cells working. (It is possible those two stories are not available on this site)

This story is dedicated to a guy who is/was one of my best on-line friends and favourite on-line authors “PAPATOAD”. I stole his title, (well, half of his title anyway).

Jargon buster: “wind-up” = irritate or provoke a person to the point of anger. “A bit on the side” = a mistress of a married man or a second girlfriend of a single guy.

They’ll probably be plenty other others, so I can only suggest a decent Search engine or if really desperate an email to me might resolve any possible confusion.

The source of this story is Finestories

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