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: It started like a schoolboy's dare and nobody took it seriously. It was the start of the end of the world.

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It started like a schoolboy's dare and nobody took it seriously. That it was ignored and even ridiculed were enough to cause it to grow and gain momentum until there was no way it could be stopped. The boasts had been made, the taunts had been taunted and backing down would destroy scientific reputations. Careers were on the line and the outcome would label the losers as rebellious, extremist quacks or stubborn, traditionalist non-visionaries whose feet had to be dragged through the order to achieve any scientific advancement. This was a war that had been fought for eons, ever since the first man with guts enough to suggest that something might not be the way everyone believed and the courage to push on.

It was funny to see it develop, unless you were down in the trenches, stuck in the middle of it. A speaker at a scientific crime convention mentioned that everybody knows that each set of fingerprints is unique, as is each DNA combination. During the question period, he was asked what proof he had of those assertions and the only answer he could come up with was that they were well-known facts.

More people joined in and someone said "Just because your mother said it doesn't make it so." It went from a general disagreement to something personal when the particular scientist it was addressed to took it as an insult to his mother. It wasn't long before the idea that no two snowflakes were alike was tossed into the mix.

Challenges were made; the scientific equivalent of "put your money where your mouth is." Grants were made and soon, a trillion dollar project was underway.

Three supercomputers were designed and built, one in Zurich, another in Tokyo and the third in Sydney Australia. The United States was discarded because of taxes and regulations and the growing PR battle between the lawyers and law enforcement. The lawyers were claiming that if DNA and fingerprints were not exclusive, that was grounds for freeing most of the people in jail and law enforcement was afraid they were right.

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