Five Ultra Short Stories

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2010 by Ernest Bywater

Comedy Story: Five short stories, entries in a contest for stories under 100 words with a twist on the end. See if you can guess the twist before you get to it.

Tags: Humor   Vignettes  

30 August 2019 version

Author’s Note

These stories were originally written as entries in a competition to write a funny story with an unexpected ending in less than one hundred words.

Put it In

She commanded, “Put it in.”

The reluctant twelve year old boy says “But mum.”

She replies, “Put it in, all the way in. Good boy, now move it back and forth. Faster, much faster.”

He’s already going as fast as he dared, he speeds up.

Smiling, she says “Very good, now you know how to brush your teeth properly.”

The Driver

The fourteen year old boy is sitting in the driver’s seat, the engine’s screaming through the gears; easily drowning out the sound of the police siren. There’s a sharp curve leading onto the bridge. He shifts down gears, stomps the throttle, pulling the wheel sharply to the left as he enters the turn, cutting the corner.

He loses control, the car spins, it flies off the road into the ravine. He screams in pain caused by the violent blow to his head.

His mother says, “This how you waste my hard earned money, on arcade games?” She slaps him again.

Don’t put it in

The eight year old girl looks at her father with tears in her eyes. She begs, “Please don’t stick that in me daddy, its so big. I’m sure it’ll hurt a lot.”

With sorrowful eyes he says, “I’m sorry, but I must. This is for your own good.”

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