Orion in the Sky

by Autumn Writer

Copyright© 2012 by Autumn Writer

Poem Story: questions for the Hunter

Tags: Fantasy  

Orion, fearless hunter in the sky,
Canis Minor and Major, ever faithful, at your side
What is your quarry on this winter night?
Is it the lion, Leo, growling before the palace gate,
or perhaps the Great Bear lurking in his northern lair?
Could it be the dreaded Hydra?

With your quest so bold, would you dare the sting of Scorpio?
Does it please the vain queen, Cassiopeia, sitting in her chair,
and Cepheus, crying for Andromeda chained to the rock?
Will they bid you take your summer rest in peace,
safe, unseen, where Aquarius brings you cool water
and Lyra sings you and your loyal dogs to sleep?

And what of I who scans above each night
Clinging to Polaris' flickering light—wondering at the Hunter's plight?
Let me go

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The source of this story is Finestories

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