Future Distorted

by Celtic Bard

Copyright© 2011 by Celtic Bard

Science Fiction Story: What would happen if you crossed Islamafascism, political corruption, an intelligence failure, and bio/chem weapons? My name is Seamus O'Neill and I have the dubious fortune to be able to tell you. My story is one of a survivor of the mutation of Humanity and the collapse of Civilization. I survived The Incident, escaped the savages who took over the cities, and eventually joined those who fled to rebuild the new species Humanity became. And I remember the time after our Future Distorted.

Tags: Romance   Violence   Horror   Dystopian   Cannibalism   Anarchism   Science Fiction   Apocalyptic   Post Apocalyptic   Alternate Timeline   Mutants   Near Future   Pandemic  

WARNING: This story may contain material suitable for adult audiences only. Reader discretion is advised. Violence, adult language, and adult situations.

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