The Anatomy of a Story

by vlfouquet

Copyright© 2011 by vlfouquet

Essay Story: An article about researching background for a story.

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I write stories and post them online at many places, e.g. Fine stories, Storiesonline, Blog on wordpress and a few erotica story sites. One of my critiques of my stories is the detail. I once mention that when writing I tried to envision just how I would do something from a burglary, robbery, and assassination to just anything else that pop up in the story.

In other words, I do a bit of research. I recently read an article on the finding and recovery of a narco-sub in the Caribbean. My thoughts were I could use that in one of my stories. So there I was writing about this miniature sub being loaded on the west coast of Mexico and the sub heading north to the USA. I did a double take, what the range of this sub? How big? How much fuel and what type? How many crew and how much cargo.

You see? Each and every one of these question plus more can have a bearing on the story. So I stopped and began researching. Wow! What my plot was would not be what the drug smugglers would do. Which I really don't understand. The subs are used to transport the cocaine from South America to Mexico. Where land transport is used to smuggle it into the USA.

An interview by of a capture sub operator told that 90% of all the sub transports were successful. The minimum size of the cargo is 6 ton. The larger sub 50-60 feet can carry up to 30 tons of cargo. The fist semi-submergible was found in 1993. In 2008 USA official stated they were spotting an average of 10 per month, but only able to intercept 1 out of 10 see the statement of the drug smuggler above.

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