A Day in the Forest  - Cover


A Day in the Forest

by DormDad

Copyright© 2011 by DormDad

Mythology Story: Have you ever wondered...are dragons real? This is a fanciful tale about a young man's adventure and what he found. This starts slow do not expect "big" scenes. I like detail and so that is how I write-so be kind.

Tags: Humor   Drama   Melodrama   Science Fiction   Monsters   Dragons  

Dragon evidence is seen throughout the world. They have been hated and deified; scorned and ridiculed by those who hunted after their existence. But the lasting question is are they or were they real? Some claim to have found pieces and parts of an animal that put together could have been a dragon, but no skeletons have been found or definitive signs that they were ever among us.

You, the reader, must ask yourself what you believe. Dragons: Myth or Mistake

The source of this story is Finestories

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