Blind Sight - Cover

Blind Sight

Copyright© 2011 by vlfouquet

Chapter 2

Doctors, Doctors Everywhere

"Cassie, are you asleep?" Dr. Grey asked as he took her wrist in his hand to examine her pulse. It was strong and steady just like the blood pressure machine reported.

Her head moved as it turned toward him but her eyes remained closed. Her mouth opened but only a whimper came from it.

"Open your mouth wide."

Cassie could obviously hear him as she opened her mouth. Using his otoscope he examined her throat thoroughly.

"Now Cassie I need you to open your eyes."

She did not respond,

"Did you hear me Cassie? I want to see your eyes. So you need to open them."

Slowly her eyelids moved. They crept open in slow motions until finally they were fully open. Dr. Grey leaned forward and used his otoscope to check her reaction. First her right eye opened and then the left one. He pulled back for a minute then did it again.

Sitting upright once more he stared at Cassie.

"Cassie what do you see?"

She waited a minute then rotated her head a little before answering.

"I don't see anything." Her voice sounded raspy.

"Nothing? Not even a blur?" Dr. Grey asked a little perturbed.

"Oh, no. everything is just dark like under the covers at night after all the lights are turn out." Cassie answered and once more he noticed her voice sounded like it was being sandpapered.

She sounded very calm even if the voice was rough. She should be freaking out. But the sedative should still be working, maybe that was why.

"Cassie, I don't know what happen. Why were you screaming?"

"Oh." She paused before answering. "I thought I saw something really bad."

"How bad?"

"I don't know." She closed her eyes and rotated away from the doctor.

He stood and stared at the young girl for a minute before leaving to talk to her mother.

"Let's go to my office," he said to Sarah. Then he turned and headed down the hallway.

"Wait. I want to see Cassie!"

"Talk to me first then you can see her." He said over his shoulder as he continued to walk away.

Sarah hesitated; Joe Grey did not act this way. It must be serious, she thought, as panic began to overtake her. She hurried after him.

As she entered his office Dr. Grey was already seated and was staring at the ceiling. Once more her panic tried to take over. She seated herself gingerly in one of the chair facing him.

"What's wrong, Joe?"

Slowly he looked at her and just stared for a minute.

"Sarah, this is so far beyond me that I feel like a new intern.

Dr. Nugent in Odessa saw something on the EEG that startled him very much. That's why he wanted the angiogram so fast. He was afraid that she was having a stroke! Well she wasn't but I saw something on that angiogram that I have never seen or heard of in all my years of medicine. Dr Nugent has over 20 year in neurology and he has never seen, read or heard a thing about what we saw."

He got up and turns a monitor to face her. Sarah scooted to the edge of her seat. There on the monitor were four pictures of the skull and there in one quadrant was a large white object with fuzzy edges. "What is that?"

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