Justice Resurrected

by Celtic Bard

Copyright┬ę 2011 by Celtic Bard

Fantasy Story: When an outcast and his companion come across a village that has been razed, he unknowingly sets his foot upon the path of destiny that will take him from the haughtily civilized courts of Meikar to the wastes of the Netherlands. Stopping along the way for a betrothal he knew nothing about, encountering old friends, new friends, mentors, enemies and intrigue that seems to have gotten him in the situation in the first place, Jonar Telansson is riding towards a destiny the Gods ordained long ago.

Tags: Coming of Age   Politics   Violence   Cults   Military   Assassins   Travel   Fantasy   Magic   Knights   Royalty  


Age restiction is mainly due to implied and unorthodox sexual situations as well as violence.

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