99 First Dates - Cover


99 First Dates

by Stultus

Copyright© 2011 by Stultus

Romance Story: George is happily divorced and even more happily involved in his prospering business, but his friends think it is long past time for him to get back into the dating game once again. Hilarity and slight misogyny ensures. Adult situations but nothing explicit.

Tags: Romance   Humor   True  

Thanks to my Editors, especially Dowd, Dragonsweb, Sue, Ulf25 and other assorted Advance Readers!

Author's Forward:

Honestly, I'm not sure how to describe this story ... if it even is a real story. In this tale I've poked a lot of fun at various semi (or very) dysfunctional women I have met, known or heard vague rumors about, and I'm fairly sure a quite similar stories could be crafted concerning the horrible first dates that women have had with rather odd men. So if this story offends anyone, I might as well start off by apologizing now ... it is quite unintentional.

The theme of the story concerns a collection of horrific first dates all shoe horned into one tidy and very snarky story. For a couple of years I've collected awful first date stories from friends and acquaintances on various message boards were I lurk or actively participate, or from near total strangers during on-line game chat. On the other hand I'm also a writer and reserve the right to utterly make up wild-ass shit when real life wasn't quite humorous enough. The 'True' story code may also apply to some/most/nearly this entire story.

Your mileage may vary.

Note: the story has been recently updated (gently) just to correct a few lingering typos and tame the story down a bit from its original posting on SOL.

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