The Truth About Paradise

by Ernest Bywater

All rights reserved © 2007 by Ernest Bywater

Spiritual Story: Their beliefs are true - but not as they think

Tags: Humor   Drama   Politics   Violence   Spiritual   Religion   Vignettes  

30 August 2019 version


Akmed sits in the car waiting for the right time to approach the checkpoint. He’s nervous about the waiting, but he’s also calm because he knows he’ll be going to Paradise soon, very soon. He needs a clear approach, one uncluttered by too many vehicles so he can get up enough speed to penetrate deep into the checkpoint before the bomb explodes to kill the soldiers there. He must time it right because he has to use a delayed timer he must activate before they can shoot him. For ten minutes he waits at the roadside for the right traffic conditions.

The time arrives and he pulls out of the line of parked cars to head toward the checkpoint while accelerating as fast as he can. At the pre-set point he activates the timer. He hits the first wooden warning barrier and he smashes through it. Faster, he approaches the main checkpoint. Two soldiers open fire, but they can’t stop him now because the car is too fast and heavy for them to stop it with bullets.

The United Nations (UN) soldiers of the peace keeper force sound the alarm and everyone heads for the nearby safety trenches which were the first major change the UN force made when they took over control of the checkpoint from the Israeli Defence Force. The trenches are designed to allow the staff to survive an attack by suicide bombers by getting safely below the explosive shock wave and shrapnel.

The car crashes through the first two barricades as intended and it slams into the third, but this newly reinforced barricade halts the car dead in its tracks. A few seconds later the car explodes and it does very little damage to the checkpoint. However, it does affect Akmed and two car loads of men returning home from work in the next zone. Unluckily for these men they’ve just met Akmed, one of the freedom fighting martyrs they’ve been supporting with heavy donations from their wages. All seven men die with Akmed in the explosion of the car bomb made from explosives bought with their donations.

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