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Reviews by amys.safebet
About amys.safebet:
Hi, all. I'm an avid reader, eclectic geek and occasional writer (read: slacker).

You'll see that I am fair (I hope). If I award a "10" (for Plot, Technical Quality and/or Appeal) the writer will have earned it. If I award anything below a "5" the writer will have earned that too! LOL

What I'm not is a Grammar Nazi (just don't distract me from the story) nor a nitpicker on accuracy (just don't have Grok the Caveman using a Bic lighter without explaining where he got it!)

What IS important to me is that a story be well written, TRIES to conform with the tags, is "interesting" or "unique" and that has some something to draw me in.

I hope you enjoy my reviews and find them helpful.
  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Hell to Pay woodmanone 8 10 9
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