Details for ‘World Uppon Dawn’ by Nikus Janestus

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A Resonant Distortion Story (1)
In a world called Kosmotierra, there was a man to be called Addoronor, "above us all", but barely anyone knows what truly happened before such a man came to power or what truly happened in all the events that led to it. Henri, a magician of unknown origins, makes his way through strange circumstances, and what path he will strive for, only a man himself can know. All sorts of plots are going on in every part of society, and only through power can a man seize his own liberty in such a chaotic era
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: Politics, War, Military, Demons, Fantasy, Dragons, Witchcraft, Dwarves, Elves, Magic, Knights
Age Rating: Older than 13
Posted: In progress
Updated: (Added Chapter 2)