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This story is fiction, but not the facts. Information from Sumerian translations are true. Hindu texts of battles in space...true. Einstein's brain autopsy proved that he used more of his brain than other humans. How is that possible? How do men get flashes of genius, and why doesn't everyone function at that level of ability all the time? Why did the Dark Ages happen, and why does mankind seem to be sliding that direction again? This story is fiction, I hope.
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Genre: Action/Adventure
Age Rating: Older than 7
Tags: Violence, Science, War, Travel, Science Fiction, Futuristic, Near Future, Fantasy

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A very interesting concept of a possible start of the human race & its problems. Is it true? I don't think that we will know in our lifetimes.

The action spans the globe, with forces of 'good and evil' opposing each other all the way. The story end had a few possible ways to go, but the epilogue certainly provides a possible twist that could 'rewrite' the story's 'history'. Should it? I like the possible uncertainty (a la "Twilight Zone").

A very good read.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10