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After an encounter with she-who-should-probably-not-be-named, a strange transformation takes place, and a new character joins the Harry Potter series.
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Genre: Fan Fiction
Age Rating: Anybody
Tags: Drama, Fan Fiction

Review by Pawwriter   [other reviews by Pawwriter]


I read this story because it mentioned Harry Potter in the description and I am a Potter fan. I was glad I did.

The basic idea of the story is that a female writer of Harry Potter erotic stories is visited by someone she did not expect, who is a witch. She ends up actually IN the Harry Potter universe as a new Griffindor girl named Imogen, with a mission and her remembrances of what is going to happen with Harry in the future, but not much else.

Imogen comes to Hogwarts at the beginning of the 5th year, so has to catch up with Harry & his friends in the same way Hermione did at one point in the story, with a Time Turner. By the end of the story she has helped Harry & the others defeat Voldemort in a bit different way than he originally did. And she does it by solving some of the problems Harry had differently also.

It is a long story, almost 1.5 Megabytes and 67 chapters, but kept my attention throughout. The reason was because it told the Harry Potter story from a different perspective and with somewhat of a different ending plus the writer had a way of writing that held your attention. It also had most of the characters from "the books", with all their faults, strengths, & foibles.

The story was somewhat rewritten during the time it was posted and I think it was done very well. The proofreading was very good, I found very few errors.

If you are a Potter purist, you might be disappointed, but if you want a slightly different version of Harry Potter, read this story. I think JK would be proud of it. (Just to be sure,read the last chapter.)

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 10 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10