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November 22, 2010
Posted at 7:08 pm
Updated: November 22, 2010 - 7:09 pm

I'm pleased to be able to announce that one of my longer tales 'Minerva', is nearing completion. About 38,000 words, so a longer story, not a novella or anything.

It has been over a year in the writing, (as I’ve been reminded by Sue). Like many others, after the first rush of enthusiasm, when I started writing the tale -- that got the first few chapters written and away to proofreaders -- the story was put to one side as other ideas crept to the fore of my mind.

At regular intervals I‘ve dug it (and the others) out again and added bits and pieces to it, as the mood hit me right.

But a couple of weeks back, I decided that it was about time this particular tale hit the sites, so everything else has been put on hold.

Especially since a certain old sod (who shall remain unnamed), and who having read some of the earlier chapters, took it in his head to post an announcement on his personal site, that the tale was about to go up here.

Whatever, his actions focused the mind quite effectively, because I received a few “Okay, where is the bloody thing then?” Emails. What a charming readership I have? ;-)

As I said, the last chapter is nearing completion, and should be off to of proofreading tonight or tomorrow. But because there are ten chapters, I figure I’ll be safe to start submitting them to Lezeez’s two sites tomorrow. The story -- like most of my tales -- contains no overt sex, but does not ignore the obvious. And -- somewhat unusually for one of mine – has little in the way of what is sometimes referred to as ‘strong language’.

Some the latter chapters might be replaced later as they are returned from some of my other proofreaders, that is if we’ve missed anything grammatically. But the tale will remain basically as it is.