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Not sure how, but the Prologue didn't make it into the first submission set. I've submitted it for posting and hope to see it soon.


This is my first effort at writing fiction. The first 19 chapters (inclusive of the Prologue) have been submitted/posted. The remaining 16 chapters of Robledo Mountain will be posted weekly until its complete.

Robledo Mountain is the first book in a saga following Paul McAllister over 20+ years. I currently plan to do this in four books at a minimum.

Refuge, Book 2 in the Robledo Mountain Series is near completion and will post here before the end of the year.

As with any fiction this work contains some facts around which the fiction is based. If you're interested fact versus fiction in this story please visit the FACT page of my website at:

My thanks to TeNderLoin and therev for their editing and proofreading prowess.

I'm looking forward to readers emails and comments so don't be shy.