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1 Railroad (Robledo Mountain #4)

Long trips, new attacks, growing pains, spies in their ranks, and increasing violence between anti-slavery and pro-slavery groups, stretch Paul and Anna's resources in every direction and at every turn. With the help of their family and friends, new and old, they race against time to complete their plans before the incessant drum beats of war begin in the east.
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Age Rating: Anybody | Genre: Western
Tags: Western, Science Fiction, Alternate Timeline
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2 Refuge (Robledo Mountain #2)

Now married, Paul McAllister and Anna Jaramillo McAllister, continue building their fledgling Estancia into the refuge they've dreamed of. Where family and friends can live a life safe from the violence of daily life in the wilderness of the New Mexico Territory. Building levees, planting crops, cattle drives, digging for gold, and advancing the use of existing technology rapidly become intertwined with ferreting out robbers,kidnappers, and murderers.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Western
Tags: Western, Time Travel, Alternate Universe
Downloads: 9405 | Votes: 208 | Score: 8.35
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3 Retreat (Robledo Mountain #3)

Paul and Anna McAllister, along with their family and friends want nothing more than to be left in peace as they continue building Estancia Dos Santos into their querencia, a retreat, a place to rest and relax free from all worry. Using the wealth they've accumulated, they begin to right historical wrongs and lay the foundations for seeking statehood. The mysterious 'Boss' has other plans for Paul, Anna, and the Estancia. Two Chapters every Friday until complete.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Western
Tags: Historical, Western, Alternate Timeline
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4 Robledo Mountain

Paul McAllister wants nothing more than to put the wars, cancer, and death of his wife behind him as he numbly glides into his final years doing the only thing he still enjoys - selling weapons and his services as a gunsmith on the gun show circuit of the American southwest. Driving down the road in the Mesilla Valley of southern New Mexico Paul loses consciousness while returning home from a gun show. An hour later, he awakens, finding himself swept away on the tides of time.
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Age Rating: Older than 13 | Genre: Western
Tags: Historical, Western, Science Fiction, Time Travel
Downloads: 21264 | Votes: 409 | Score: 8.40
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