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Railroad (Robledo Mountain Book 4)

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After a long hiatus due to illness, I'll finally begin posting of Railroad beginning on Friday, 27 Nov. Posting will be two chapters weekly every Friday.

Lost track of the characters? A list of characters is on the About page of my website:

I've tried to document which facts I stretched and which I kept intact. You'll find them listed on my website:

Your comments and emails are always welcome.

New Story: Retreat & Wrong Chapters

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The third book in the Robledo Mountain Saga began posting last Friday. Unfortunately the wrong chapters were posted a the Prologue and Chapter 1. The correct Prologue and Chapter 1 have been submitted and should post shortly. My apologies.

Refuge Begins Posting

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Refuge, Book 2 in the Robledo Mountain Saga, begins posting today. The prologue and Chapter 1 are with the moderators and should be available soon. A new chapter will post every Friday until complete.

My apologies for the long delay since Robledo Mountain finished posting a little more than a year ago. Since finishing Robledo Mountain I've written and released three additional books in the saga. Links to vendors are available at my website for those who don't want to wait for the serialized versions to appear here.

The books are also available from Bookapy for those who would like to buy the books and support this site at the same time.


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After many fits and starts the final manuscript of Robledo Mountain: REFUGE is now with the intrepid editors. I'll start posting as soon as it gets through the process. I currently estimate that'll be in mid to late December but as with all things in real life that could change. Stay tuned!

ROBLEDO MOUNTAIN: Final 3 Chapters Submitted

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Yep, it's that time. The final three chapters in the first book of the Robledo Mountain Saga have been submitted to the moderators so you should see them soon.

The adventures of Paul, Anna, and the rest of the gang will continue in 'Refuge' the next book in the saga of Robledo Mountain. I'm in the midst of a final rewrite before sending it off to the Editors. It should start posting in the next couple of months. Until then I look forward to reading your comments and emails.