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I didn’t do that!

November 3, 2010
Posted at 2:36 pm

For some inexplicable reason reader scoring on ‘Act Naturally!’ somehow got itself turned off during the day. All very odd, because I didn’t turn the feature off when I submitted the tale, I’m sure, and a couple of my regular readers have informed me that they did score the tale earlier. But on logging-on to my laptop this evening, I discovered that the feature was switched off on the tale. I’ll have to enquire of ‘The man’ later.

All going to plan another little tale of emotional nonsense will go up tomorrow. It kind-a depends on how my night goes. I went shopping with my significant other today and I’ve been dead to the world since our return. Hey bugger, I wonder what happened to the guy who regularly used to work twenty-four-hour days all his life? That sure ain’t me anymore.

Folks in the antipodes should beware, one of my offspring should have arrived in Sidney yesterday. Although as of yet, he hasn’t deigned to report to us his safe arrival; but that’s the younger generation ain’t it? It’s not unusual for us not to hear from the little sod, unless he has something to gripe about.