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Story #2 update

June 1, 2017
Posted at 11:45 am

Here it is nearing summer in the Northern Hemisphere once again. Hard to believe we're this far into 2017.

Writing story #2 continues to progress. I'm probably about halfway to where I want to be on the story's timeline, though I'm not sure if that halfway matches the number of chapters to be written. After revising my first drafts up to Chapter 8, I hit a bit of a dry spell where my motivation flagged. I'm in a better groove now and am moving right along.

My initial thought that I'd be posting the story by the summertime now seems a little optimistic. My family and I have a vacation coming up which will affect how much writing I get to do, and I'm sure Graybyrd has plans for the summer also. He's continued to be a sounding board for my vision for where I'd like to have this story go, so I think I've got a good handle on its destination; it's just getting it there that will take time again.

I won't keep announcing hoped-for target dates, that just strikes me as somewhat cruel if (when) I don't meet them. The only thing I'll do is post general progress updates occasionally until I put the story in the queue.