The Outsider: Favourites

1: Human Phoenix by Refusenik
Refusenik's writing style immediately pulled me into Scott MacIntyre's world and made me want to keep reading. The way Refusenik introduced his main character to the readers grabbed me and gave the MC a vulnerability that was hard to ignore; you want to learn what happens in later chapters right away.
2: Human Man by Refusenik
As the sequel to "Human Phoenix," there was an immediate imperative for me to read this story. The story features the same main character - Scott MacIntyre - who's been irrevocably altered by his experiences between the two stories. You want to know what struggles he still faces from the first story and how they continue to color his outlook and interactions with others.
3: Unending Night by Jay Cantrell
As with the other favorites listed here, I was attracted to this story right away by the strength (IMHO) of the characters. Jay has less time to present them in a single chapter but manages to do so that you get an understanding of who they are.
4: Island Mine by Refusenik
The third of Refusenik's stories it showcases the effects of governmental greed and arrogance. The main character just wants to live his life, but extreme events keep getting in the way.
5: The Dance by Rooftop Herald
Rooftop Herald's "The Dance" is a masterpiece. Incredibly well-written and fun to follow, watch as Tim McKenzie and his father James rebuild their lives and family following the death of Tim's mother.