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As a new and inexperienced writer back in 2016 (and someone who had failed English my first semester of senior in high school), I was extremely lucky when Graybyrd pointed out multiple errors in my first story. If it hadn’t been for him the story would have been poorly received.

I received word from Graybyrd’s wife today that he passed away last weekend.

We never had the chance to meet in person. He lived on the West Coast while I live outside Boston. We shared a few similar experiences in EMS, though his life experiences were much more varied than mine have been. Still, he was able to guide me without taking over authorship of my stories.

Rest well, Graybyrd.

Lose some, win some ...

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Despite having been out of work for the entire month of March, and despite that I will miss three weeks of April before I can return (at a minimum), I'm finally back to writing on a regular basis. I've written more in the past week than I have in two years.

It remains to be seen what a return to work will bring, but I'm confident my muse is back with a vengeance and will kick my butt if I slack off again.

There's still a fair amount of Story #3 to write, and I won't begin posting until it's complete, edited, and undergone a final read-through. To do any less would dishonor the support all of you have shown since 2016.

Here we go again…

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Well the medical scare which helped land me here has decided to raise its head once again. Similar root cause, different presentation - all lower body this time.

My guess is I’ll be out of work for a month or so. The hope is I’ll be able to rehab at home after discharge (if such a thing still exists post-pandemic).

I also hope I can put in meaningful time in front of the keyboard again. Sitting won’t cause pain at the moment, nor do I have issues with my arms or hands this time.

Last but not least, I continue to be humbled by the support you’ve all shown on Bookapy. I can’t say thank you enough.

Update to ACL available on Bookapy

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I just re-posted A Charmed Life on Bookapy with the minor correction I mentioned in my last entry. I have also uploaded AZW3 and PDF versions of the book.

The EPUB filename is slightly different than the one previously posted.

Original version of ACL now on Bookapy

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This morning I uploaded the original version of A Charmed Life to Bookapy. Thank you to those who have already found it there.

I have already caught one formatting correction I need to make in this book. Other than fixing some old Markdown which didn’t get properly converted to HTML, the text is as posted back in 2016.

Following a suggestion from a longtime reader, I am planning to also upload an edited version. That will take longer as there are close to fifty chapters to review and reformat. Hopefully within the next few months, though I want to also keep writing the new stuff so stand by on that.

Again, thanks, everyone.