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Standby to standby

March 9, 2017
Posted at 7:20 pm
Updated: March 9, 2017 - 9:16 pm

After looking at what I have written for my second story and the pace at which I'm writing, I've decided to complete the story before posting. This will allow me to review the entire work, to tweak it where necessary, allow Graybyrd time to edit it, and for me to revise it based on those edits. Once I've reached that point I'll begin posting. I wish I could give an accurate timeframe for this story's release, but I'm not sure where it will take me just yet.

Another reason for my decision is a storytelling guide Graybyrd brought to my attention. The guide's author, a gentleman with over fifty published works to his credit, offers a new lens with which to evaluate my current story's structure through, and how to proceed from there; Chapters 1 through 8 were revised using his guide and I've continued with writing. The author of the guide is David Morrell, the man who introduced the world to John Rambo; I have it on good authority his book First Blood is much better than the movie.

I don't believe this story will be as long as A Charmed Life, but I didn't think ACL would stretch as long as it did, either. In any event, it will most likely be the summer before it appears in the "New Stories" list.