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Okay, so...

December 22, 2016
Posted at 1:52 pm

Best laid plans and all that, right?

One of the graphics projects I mentioned in an earlier post is turning into a possible commercial venture for my friend, with me as the technology "consultant" for his website, etc. This and increased responsibilities at work have, again, reduced the amount of time available to write during the past two months.

While I do have two and a half chapters written in the new story, they need heavy modification before I think about sending anything to Graybyrd; I also want to have much more of the story down on "paper" first before posting. I'm hopeful the holidays will allow me time to slow down and plant myself in front of the computer.

May you all have a safe and happy conclusion to 2016, find joy in being with your families at whichever year-end holiday(s) you choose to celebrate, and may we all enjoy 2017.