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Chapter 52 & Pronunciation Guide

September 30, 2016
Posted at 5:20 pm
Updated: May 18, 2017 - 11:39 pm

The latest installment of A Charmed Life is in Graybyrd's inbox, but he was headed out of town this week, so I don't believe he's been able to get to it yet. I will post it as soon as I am able.

It also occurred to me earlier today that other than for the Town of Greenwich, I have not included help with the proper pronunciations of town names in Massachusetts which appear in the story (as well as selected others). To rectify that oversight, I offer the guide below:

Massachusetts Town Name Pronunciation Guide
(CAPITAL letters indicate which syllable to stress)

Amherst: AMurst
Ashburnham: ASHburnam
Ayer: AIR
Belchertown: BELCHertown
Billerica: billRICKa
Boston: BOSStun
Chicopee: CHICKapee
Concord: CONcurd (CAHNkid)
Devens: DEVVins
Enfield: ENfield
Everett: EVrit
Fitchburg: FITCHburg
Gardner: GARDner (adding "-hey" at the end optional)
Greenwich: GREENwitch
Groton: GROTTun (rhymes with "cotton")
Hardwick: HARDwick
Harvard: HAHvid (or HAHvud)
Lancaster: LANKister
Leicester: LESSter
Leominster: LEMINster
Lexington: LEXingtun
Littleton: LITTLEtun
Malden: MALden
Medford: MEDferd (occasionally MEFFuhd)
Melrose: MELrose
Methuen: methOOen
Natick: NAYtick
Nauset: NAWsit (rhymes with "faucet")
New Salem: new SAILem
Palmer: PALMer
Pelham: PELLum
Petersham: PETERSam
Pittsfield: PITTSfield
Prescott: PRESScot
Reading: REDDing
Shutesbury: SHOOTSbury
Shrewsbury: SHOESbury
Springfield: SPRINGfield
Ware: WEAR (where?)
Wakefield: WAKEfield
Westfield: WESTfield
Westover: WESTover
Woburn: WOOburn
Worcester: WUSSter (note the lack of an "H" sound)

PS: Say these as fast as possible for more authenticity.