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Friends etcetera, please note.

October 11, 2010
Posted at 3:41 am

I correspond with the world by email (and land mail) only. I’m sorry, but I do not frequent, or join, any of the -- what are commonly known as – ‘Social Networking’ Internet sites. Neither am I to be found on “Twitter” or any other such site. I really haven’t got the spare-time available to indulge myself in those places.

Beside email, my soul point of contact with the public, are my blog’s on SOL and FineStories. And maybe -- if push comes to shove -- any messages I might ask my friend Papatoad (on his blog) and/or certain other well-known authors to put out on my behalf on the above mentioned sites.

Any other Internet presence, messages or announcements, purporting to have originated from me, are nothing to do with me. I would appreciate it if anyone who comes across such postings, would be kind enough to contact me with the details.

Hopefully it is needless to say, that postings on this blog labelled DC, DF or TW are from me directly. Those labelled Ronnie or RG are from my friend who steps in to do my posting etcetera, when I’m indisposed and cannot get on-line myself.