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While stuck on my Zorba'n story this one started demanding to be written, I will admit it's based on a story I saw in analog magazine back in the '70's which had an invasion of spider people, but it still works in this format.

I hope to write a sequel to this, but I wonder ... why do I always write stories that have to be carried on.

Oh well back to staring at Mages of Zorba'n.


What's Happening? - Not a lot!

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I've been told off by Gnume for not keeping everyone up to date with the progress of my work ...

It's like the old sign, Danger Bulldozing in progress, except there is no Danger, I'm not progressing, I seem to be dozing and the sign is Bull!

I've just started chapter 8 of Mages of Zorba'n (don't worry if you think you've missed the first seven, you haven't. I'm trying to get the story written first before posting)

I have to also apologise to my proof-readers as I've not sent them anything since before Christmas. It's me at fault not them and I'm happy to send my work to them if they're prepared to take me on again? (I will be emailing them directly)

So I'm sorry for the delay and please bear with me in this.

(If you're checking this after reading the SOL blog pages, this is exactly the same message ... well except for this part that is!)

Was it He or I?

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I've been told of an error in chapter 5 where I went to the first person view instead of the 3rd person, hopefully this will be corrected soon, but I do thank all those who found it.

You see I do make mistaikes! :-)


All going well, apart from ...

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Not even a week and I've had to repost chapter One, a sharp eyed reader noticed that I'd put in the word fraction instead of faction (It was just an 'r' and I can't get away with it). Thank you for pointing this out and please when correcting can you give me your name - I won't send the boys around to sort you out honest, I just want to know who to thank.

So thank you.


New Story on it's way - Small World

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Finally I make another appearence with a new story - Small World, set in the future where a bold explorer is sent out into a world drowned after the ice-caps melted, you know the brave and intrepid ... oh hell he's just a cleaner who stepped into the wrong thing at the wrong time.

I have to admit I started this with good intentions, but an overpowering urge to continue with Sar'ha's story is causing me to stop this early.

I've given the story an ending which allows me to continue it at a later stage - along with the others!

will be posting shortly.