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Queued Final Chapters 17 ~ 21

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I've queued chapters 17 ~ 21 for posting Friday morning. This is the conclusion of Phoenix.

A huge thanks goes to pcbondsman for tackling the proofreading and edit of this monster. My thanks to, to all the readers who submitted notes, kind words, and corrections along the way.

Final word count, including chapter titles and author's note, weighs in at 262,217 words.

Stay tuned to the blog for status updates on future stories; Island Mine which I hope to publish in early 2013, and the sequel to Phoenix which I will start writing in the spring.

Happy New Year!

Chapters 13 ~ 16

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Here's the next batch of chapters. I plan to post the final batch, 17 ~ 21 next week sometime.

Chapters 9 ~ 12

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I've had some nice feedback here at FineStories, and I always a appreciate a note if you spot an error. They're tough to stamp out, but I do my best.

I plan to post Chapters 13 ~ 16 next Thursday. It doesn't look like the holiday will hold that schedule up any.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas,

Introducing Human Phoenix

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This novel is the first of what is planned to be a duology of a series called, 'Human.' Phoenix is 21 chapters in length, with a 250k word count, give or take a few k.

I'm going to post the first eight chapters before a holiday break, and the rest on the backside.

I plan to start writing the sequel sometime in the spring.

Thanks for reading.