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Island Mine - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 kicks off a series of big changes for Waylon.

For those asking about posting schedule. I'm aiming for two chapters a week.

Chapter 3 feedback: Thanks to those who pointed out I had put the SF Giants in the wrong league, doh!

Human Phoenix sequel news. I plan to start writing it in April. Posting date? Hard to say, I'd like to get some chapters out to the public in...June?

Chapter 3 to queue

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A Monday chapter for you. I plan to post another on Thursday.

Thanks for reading!

New Story - Island Mine

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This is the second story I've written. The first was a heck of a learning curve. In this second story I've tried to speed up the pace and shorten the story length.

This is not a sequel to Human Phoenix. It is a stand alone story with completely different characters.

I had a blast writing it and hope you will enjoy it too.

I'm posting the prologue and first two chapters. I'll follow along with at least weekly chapter updates.

Next story, progress report

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As of today, I'm at 28 thousand words and going strong. I plan to send the first batch of chapters to my proofreader at the end of the month.

I had intended to wait until I finish the story before letting anyone else look at it, but I'm finding that I need the extra motivation that a deadline provides. I'm not having problems with the writing, but I need to produce more and a deadline makes that easier for me.

Phoenix was written as a serial with week to week publication of chapters. That was great for motivation, but terrible for story development.

I'm hoping to finish the current story by the end of February if all goes well.


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I've been working on my next story...and I've also been procrastinating by trying to learn how to be a better writer. My focus lately has been on story structure and plotting.

The next tale is going to be a tighter read, hopefully, and at least half the length of Phoenix.

One of the writers I was listening to on a podcast said that you need to write a million practice words before you start to get decent at this writing thing.

I better get back to the keyboard.