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But can it dance? - Chapter 08 posted

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Still having fun writing, so I hope you're having fun reading.

In this chapter we get a few answers, more questions, and probably a lot more trouble to come.

Next week will be another solo chapter week. If I can get my act together...well, I won't make any promises.


Edit: I've raised the age appropriate rating from 13 to 17. The story does have a few curse words, not many, and some violence. I don't think a mature teen would have a problem with any of it - but it's your choice to make.

Human Phoenix - Sequel

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Question: Will there be a sequel, and when will it be out?

Answer: Yes there will be a sequel as I've hinted at elsewhere. I'll start writing it after a short break from Island Mine duties.

As to publication dates. No promises, maybe late summer. I've got to get the brain, the typing fingers, and the life schedule to work out the details. I've a good opening and an okay ending. It's just the fiddly bits in the middle that need sorting out.

Interesting arguments amongst writers and would be writers. What's the hardest? Everybody seems to have an opinion. Writing the beginning, middle, or end. A number seem to say the middle, followed by endings.

Right now I'm going with, "All of the above."

It's never that easy - Chapter 07 to queue

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You strike it rich and everything's perfect, right? Now where would the fun in that be?


I'm still plugging away. Cutting down to one chapter for this week has been good - at least for me.

I may do the same next week, it depends on how things progress through to the weekend. Life is a tricky balancing act at times, but I really am enjoying writing.

During my last story, I was amazed at how I'd get ideas for other stories during the writing process. The same has held true for Island Mine. It's distracting, but good to know that there are other ideas floating around in the gray matter.

Those of you have tried this writing thing know what I'm talking about.

"Oh crap, I've written the one book I swore I'd WTF do I do? Will I ever have another idea? Egads!"

Business is Good - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 has been queued for posting. Waylon's had a rough turn, so things are getting better - aren't they?

Next week will be a one chapter only week. I've been going back over each chapter and doing some tweaking. It's good to do, but it has put me way behind on other writing and silly things

Things get complicated - Chapter 5 posted

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Things get a little more complicated. Not much more to say than that.

I do appreciate all those who've written suggesting possible plot points (some of you should try writing, good stuff!). Unfortunately, or fortunately, the plot is already laid out and the story almost completely written.

Still, it's fun to see what people come up with.

Thanks for reading,