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I originally started writing as a mental exercise to test myself after a health scare; now I’ve found that I just plain like to write. After 25 years of writing EMS run reports, writing in a non-technical manner came as a bit of an adjustment. I don’t get a lot of ideas all at once, nor do I have an overabundance of time to dedicate to writing, so I doubt I’ll be as prolific as some others here. I try to do my best with the ideas that do come to me.

Enfield Undrowned

By the 1940s, the Swift River Valley in West-Central Massachusetts should have been under four hundred billion gallons of drinking water earmarked for a thirsty Metro Boston. When timely inventions saved the four valley towns from inundation, they also saved the dreams of families who now didn't have to move. A world which looks a lot like ours, but with some significant differences.
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