Finding the Divine - Cover

Finding the Divine

by Allan Kindred

Copyright© 2024 by Allan Kindred

General Story: This is a religious paper I wrote and posted here so I could send specific people here to read it. When I first came to the Catholic Church 8 years ago I could have never wrote this paper. Not for most to read and definitely to score.

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Beyond the Church is God.
Beyond Scripture is God.
They are of God.
They are guides, paths, tools to God – but not God.
Graced and inspired by God – but not God.
Though you do not need them to find God: they are gifts from God.
The Church and Scripture can help show you the Door, but it is up to you to open the Door.
The Eucharist is God after the blessings.
Come - Look beyond the physical and find the Divine.
The physical can be warped by man.
The Divine cannot.
Do not follow the paths of the weak, heretical hypocrites who call themselves godly.
Beware hollow Christianity.
No amount of education will get you closer to God.
Nothing but obedience in faith with love and forgiveness will fulfill the Will of God
Nothing but a true forgiving and repentant heart will get you home to God.
Pick up your cross and walk the path Jesus laid out for us.
Awaken and realize the true majesty of the Divine.
Awaken and embrace the true wonder of the Divine.
No longer must we shortchange ourselves by seeing with flesh eyes.
Look into the face of God with your spirit and realize.


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