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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 98

Lawrence Vernon

Robert, great news cast. All the major networks aired it, and online outlets carried it to the whole nation. They saw the attempted power grab by The State of New York. You handled it legally using the Federal Judge. The President has just chewed out the Governor and asked him did he not understand talk with and get permission was not a takeover by force.

The President is asking the Supreme Court to call for an expedited hearing on the legality of The U S Senate approved Wappinger Nation Treaty of Recognition with the United States of America.

If anymore of your operations are interfered with or State Authorities and State Agencies harass your people in any way, POTUS will withdraw all Federal FEMA, all Federal Troops, and he will revoke the Federal Natural Disaster Declaration.

The President will go on National Television and publicly admonish the Governor for is actions of the use of force instead of the Federal Courts. He will publicly inform the nation of what interfering with your Federal FEMA controlled operation will cost the State of New York.

You will continue to work with the Special Judicial District set up on the Wappinger Nation until the Federal Courts decide otherwise.

So, keep saving people, and Good Luck.


Ok people get back to work. We will have the Wappinger Nation Ruling Council meeting at 1730 hours this evening.

Tim, inform Art that the Wappinger Nation Militia only will have control of our front gate and arrange the duty schedule for it. We will not have anybody that is not Wappinger Nation Militia manning any entry ways into Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

K, Mrs. Ruth we have a report of a patrol inbound in Thirty minutes you had best prepare to meet it. Mrs. Ruth replied Kariwase I will take the shelter and the Medical Center until you go off duty at 1600 and K agreed and then looked at me for more time. 1530 meeting I replied, then shower and dress for dinner.

All you people have jobs, get at them or I will find something for you to do. Tim, I need to see the video that we broadcast, to ensure we have not left anything uncovered.

Judge Olson Thank-You for your assistance.

Judge Olson

I did nothing but apply the law and statutes as is the current Federal Registry. My hope is the SCOTUS will take over the whole issue and I will not have to make a ruling and deal with the paperwork involved in it. I did hear POTUS has called for SCOTUS do hold an expedited hearing on the matter, it will save all of us from trouble we do not want.

I will see those of you who are coming in the morning for the arraignments. Judge Tallon will again be presiding, but I will be observing on the closed-circuit recording system. Yes, all the Judges assigned to the Wolverine Field Judicial District will allow the closed-circuit recording of their proceedings except for the testimony of minors in Family Court matters.

I will get out of your hair, Good Day.


Tim, the Federal Troops here are still under my Command and aiding the Federal FEMA Operation Flash Igloo. Until POTUS or the DOD withdrawals them, I will use them as I decide what their duties are. They will not stand perimeter or gate duty under any circumstance. Wappinger Nation Militia will permanently take control of our gates, perimeter security, and Command Duties. We will continue to use the U S Military for rescue patrols.

We will provide the security for the Engineers when they can get back to work and finish the last Four miles of our Berrier Wall. Get with Nelson and Art today to make it happen. We have the people to make it happen, draft those you need. I will hear all Section Leaders’ complaints of those you draft and if they can convince me the person is irreplaceable in the Section at this time, I will return them. So do not just grab people to fill a slot, think and plan our way through this.

Mrs. Ruth

Robert does have his hands full. I will get with Kariwase to ensure they have personal time this evening with no distractions or interruptions.

Now get my team and head to the Medical Center to welcome our new Guests. My team was ready and just like it was my “Car,” Kelson held the door then closed it after I entered. He buckled me in before telling Lester we could go. Lester then gave Lisa, the primary driver, our destination, and Shenna reported the destination and people on board to the Traffic Command. After reviewing our status, they allowed us to travel to our destination. It took a checklist of people knowing and giving approval for movements, but it did keep everyone safe, secure, and accounted for.

We arrived at the Medical Center as the Patrol reported that they had entered the front gate and had Eight critical persons and Four fatalities on board. I heard Chaplin Berry call on the radio that he was in the Medical Center and would be in the reception area in just a couple of minutes. The Duty Hypothermia team reported they had Twelve Warming beds ready.

As the Three Medical Bradelys pulled up the back door opened and Medics and EMTs came rushing out with small bundles in their hands, Children, with IVs hanging from them. The Hypothermia team grabbed them and stripped them down and placed them in the preheated warming beds, then checked the vitals and drew blood for the lab. They were in the best available hands right now and only time would tell if we rescued them in time.

The Triage Doctor reviewed the tablet with the patient’s information and directed them to the proper treatment area. He had a team remove the fatalities to the morgue that had been set up and he had to care for the living.

Chaplin Berry

I talked with the Wife of one of the fatalities. I had to tell her that Her husband did not make it to the hospital and a Casualty Assistant Personnel would see her later after they got her stable to address her husband’s arrangements. She asked me where her Two children, Marvin Jr and Tina were. The husband tried to get a fire going in an old wood stove and the vent draft was not sufficient and the CO2 almost killed them. Then after he put out the fire Hypothermia set in. A neighbor checking on them kicked in their door and rescued them, He ran and flagged down the Convoy as it moved past us Two streets over. I looked at my tablet and it showed that both were on Oxygen and in warming beds and listed as critical. I told her that they were in the Hypothermia unit and receiving the best care available and she could see them after they were both in a stable condition. After a short word of prayer, I gave her a card with contact information for our Counselors. I had to move on to others.

The other Three fatalities were a husband, wife, and an elderly parent in a car that had crashed into a tree. All had multiple injuries that were just too serious to survive, even though the Medics and EMT’s tried. I will talk to the team before they go back out on patrol.

A Triage Nurse asked me to help hold a Three-Year-Old as they treated his mother. I held him and sang hymns to him until he fell asleep in my arms. A Pediatrics Nurse took him from me and laid him in a crib bed with his binkie, then wheeled him towards the Pediatrics wing.

One of the Triage porters brought me a cup of black coffee, I thanked him, and he replied he had to keep me going. I was keeping this place with a sense of balance, and all appreciated what I did, especially overseeing the death notices. He could not do it and was thank-full I could. Taking my empty cup, he went back to moving patients as the Medical Staff directed him. I moved on to the minor injuries that we would transport to the step-down shelter or to a regular shelter.

I saw Mrs. Ruth and She gave me a hug and a thank-you also. I could not complain it was the task the Lord assigned to me, and I would carry it out to the best of His and my abilities.

Mrs. Ruth saw a little girl with a kitten that was on her lap. I went and retrieved a crate and with Mrs. Ruth persuaded the Girl to put the Kitten in it for the Kittens safety.

I carried the crate onto the bus taking her and her family to a shelter. I promised to visit later and help her walk the kitten so it could do its business outside the crate. I got off the bus and returned to my duties. It would not get easier as the weather turned colder this evening.

Mrs. Ruth looked at my tablet and saw I was on my Fourteenth hour of duty and ordered a Security Team Member to take me home and not allow me back into the Medical Center or any shelter until 0600 Tomorrow, and she would check on me to ensure I was home. To home I went.

1400 Mrs. Ruth

I called on the radio and verified with personnel that we had Two Clergy and a Psychiatrist on duty and then sent Chaplin Berry home to his wife. I called her and said he was not to leave the house until 0600 tomorrow morning, and I would check up on him.

That accomplished I checked the duty roster and ordered Three people who all had more than Fifteen hours of duty to clock out and not report until 0600 tomorrow and then sent the message to Dr. Perrysville Throe to keep a better eye on the peoples work hours. We had enough people that no one should be on duty no more than Twelve hours before at least Eight hours’ time off. I would be checking his wives and his hours also. If I could not work or be on duty no more than Twelve straight hours no one else would either to include Principle Chief Dr. MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior. Or his Ade BGen Timothy Silver Fox of the Wappinger Nation Militia.


The State of New York and those who believe they should be a ruling elite. We of The Wolverine Clan once of the Little Bear Clan Mohawk Nation of the Six Nations. Now members of The Wappinger Nation will do all in our power to resist them and show by our deeds that we care for all people. We will welcome all into our lands if they respect, honor, and allow us to follow our beliefs, laws, customs, and culture.

All but a small minority of our Guests were thankful for the hot food, warm place to sleep and a shower to clean up in. We had only Four or Five people that did not understand the necessity of water, stop, soap/shampoo, rinse, dry off. After explaining our water use, we only had to band Two from showering each day and then after Two days both followed the procedures. We now had Six Thousand One Hundred Nine Guests with our max capacity set at Seven Thousand Five Hundred. I hope we do not get close to that as I do not want to be the One too turn people away. As it was, we had to start using the ISO mats and sleeping bags on the concrete floors as we had run out of cots for sleeping.

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