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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 97

1230 Monday 23 January Robert

Tim handed me a message that there was a Federal Marshal, The Adjunct of the New York State National Guard, MGen Deckmen William Courington, a Colonel New York State Trooper, and Sargent with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office. All demand immediate entrance for themselves and their accompanying people which included a Company of New York State National Guard Military Police, Two Dozen State Troopers, and Two Dozen State FEMA staffers.

I called Appellate Court Judge Olson, Carl Jeffers Deputy Director of FEMA Operations, Kariwase, Mrs. Ruth, Allen, and Cindy Lighting to come to my Longhouse office and let them know why. Mrs. Ruth informed Raleigh of our coming “guests,” how he was to welcome them, and lead them to the Longhouse office. We would not involve the U S Military. I called President Newman’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon and advised him of our “guests” requesting immediate entrance. I sent CSM Arthur Smith with Thirty of our Wappinger Nation Militia to relieve the Marines on our gate with Two M1A1’s.

His orders were to allow the Federal Marshal, The Adjunct of the New York State National Guard, MGen Deckmen William Courington, a Colonel that was a New York State Trooper, and a Sargent with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

They would use the tanks to prevent the rest of the people from following. Art would send them escorted by A Corporal of his security force as NCOIC. The Two escort vehicles would each have a Fifty Caliber remote controlled weapon system and were to keep it pointed at the “guests” vehicle on the trip to the Longhouse. All the “guests” weapons I would require them to checked at the Wappinger Nation Militia manned Security Center inside the front door. Our people would keep their weapons.

After everyone arrived, I briefed them on the preparations and what was going to be our response.

Judge Olson

I believe the Federal Marshal will have an arrest warrant for you, Robert, and others from the District Judge. Also, I expect an order for you to turn over immediately the control of the property known as Wolverine Field Wappinger Nation to the State of New York as illegally obtained State Property. There may also be writs for the immediate release of our “guests” in detention. I will stay all warrants and writs and set a date for show cause and motions in Thirty Days’ time.

I would recommend that you have your news crew filming their arrival and the proceedings for recording and broadcasting live would not be out of the realm of Reality Television.

Lawrence Vernon

The White House will not be on the phone but will be watching live. Give us your feed Data link. Right after you slam them down, The President will call the “good” governor and ask him in a One-way conversation what did he not understand about asking and getting voluntary cooperation.

Mrs. Ruth called the News Crew and they set up the “Live Broadcast” with Two teams. One staying with Arthur at the Front Gate and One following them to and into my Office at the Longhouse. Recording would start the moment Arthur heard everything was in place.

The gate guards called and thought the people were getting ready to rush our gate and asked for instructions. As he was speaking the M1A1’s showed up and had the Wappinger Nation Militia Emblem in Bright Red so they could not mistake their Command. It made the group back down and regroup to consider their next move. After Five minutes MGen Courington got out of the car and after banging on the tank for a couple of minutes the Commanders hatch opened, and 1st Lt Antelope Smith of our Security Team stood up and asked if he could help the General.

MGen Courington

I am MGen Courington The Adjunct of the New York State National Guard and the honorable Aloysius Tryone Schlyer the Governor of New York has ordered me to take command of all troops on this illegal occupied property.

Antelope Smith

Sir, I am 1st Lt Antelope Smith of the Wappinger Nation Militia. The Wappinger Nation does not recognize New York State control of the Wappinger Nation Peoples Reservation as set forth in Federal Law. Also recognized by The Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I take my orders from the Principal Chief of the Wappinger Nation, Currahee Nations. Known by the Federal Government Officially as MGen Dr Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior USA. So, NO. I WILL NOT MOVE. I will also resist any attempt of personnel that Principal Chief Currahee Nations has not authorized to enter this base.

I saw a convoy of vehicles arriving at the front gate and saw Four Humvees with remote-controlled machine gun wepon stations setting up to cover the gate. I saw the Marines who had been manning the gate get in their vehicles and leave the gate area. I saw CSM Arthur Smith (no close relation) heading my way.

CSM Arthur Smith

1st Lt Smith I will take it from here. Button up and when I inform you on the radio, you will allow the first vehicle that has the General and his party through, but no others. Destroy them if they try.

MGen Deckmen William Courington, I am CSM Arthur Smith of the Wappinger Nation Militia. I am to allow you, the Federal Marshal, The Colonel of the State Troopers, and the Sargent with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office through but no others. Your call.

The General went back to the car he was riding in and after talking for about Fifteen minutes returned and said they were in Four different vehicles, and we needed to let all Four enter. I replied to him, you will all get in One vehicle, I would allow only One vehicle to enter. Those not in it will not enter. He went back and talked for Five more minutes. I saw people get out of the lead Humvee and other people enter.

They started through the gate the Tank moved to let them pass. The second vehicle that was right on their bumper did not stop until the tank ran into them and shoved them back destroying the Humvee in the process. I stopped their Humvee and opened the door. I said to the General, I told you One vehicle only. You now have One strike against you. Three strikes and all talks will cease. You and any people with you I will have forcibly removed from Wappinger Nation Property. You will all follow my instructions to the letter, or I will throw you out.

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