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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 96

At our Shelter #6 at the request of the Shelter Director I sat and talked with Fourteen-year-old Mary and her siblings. Her mother died in childbirth over a year ago giving birth to twins Keith and Keven now Fourteen months old. There was Josephine-Three, Elevon-Six, Richton-Eight, and Dillion Junior-Twelve. Their dad Dillion Wilkerson worked for The State of New York DOT.

She was worried because he never failed to call them and say good night when he was working nights. He did not last night and all attempts of her calling him go right to voice mail. He has never failed to return her calls in the past. They have not heard from him in over Eighteen hours, she knows something is wrong.

I got Lillian to call Naomie and find out what was going on. In Ten minutes, I had the sad news Dillion Wilkerson had a tree fall on his truck last evening killing him and a fellow crew member instantly. I called Martha and asked for a counselor, She and her husband Martin arrived in Ten minutes with Chaplin Berry.

When Mary saw the look on my face and the Three people arriving, Two with Orange Coats. According to charts posted around the building these were verry senior people. The One in White was carrying a Bible. She turned to Jr and said get everyone together we are going to get the sad news about why daddy has not called.

Chaplin Berry

I introduced myself to Mary and then introduced the others. Mary, does your family attend a local church or other religious organization? She replied we have attended a small local Baptist Church a couple of times but nothing regular. She then looked at me and said Daddy is dead, right? I replied according to the information I have. He and his partner had a tree fall on his truck last evening killing him and a fellow crew member instantly as they were clearing a road.

I asked do you have any relatives that could take care of you. Also did your daddy have a will. No relatives were her reply and yes daddy has a will it is in the box of our important papers that I brough with me. She reached into the box and pulled out the will and insurance papers. I saw K dialing a number and correctly assumed that it was to their lawyer. I asked if I could see the will and she handed it to me. I heard people coming into the room and saw it was Allen and Cindy Lighting. They came after hearing Kariwase request for me to do grief counseling for minors at the unaccompanied Family shelter.

After getting approval from Mary, I handed the will to Cindy who had reached out with her hand to ask for it.


We had already started for the center on hearing a call for Chaplin Berry about grief counseling for a minor. K called me to say that they had just informed a Fourteen-year-old girl that she and her Six siblings were orphans. The girl had her daddy’s will, and it was handed to me to read. It stated that there were no living relatives that could take the children. He had a Five Hundred Thousand Dollar life insurance policy with a double clause for accidental death. The will offered monthly payments of Five thousand a month to any family that took all Seven children and kept them together as a family.


Mary, this is my husband Martin, and we would like to invite you and your siblings into our home to see if you like us and will allow us to keep you together as a family. We do not need or want the money set aside for this purpose, we will put it into a trust account for you and your siblings to go to college. Will you and your siblings except our invitation?

I know this is verry sudden but if we do not act quickly, a State Social Service Person will come, take you and place you in a home, not ask what you want, but do what is best for them not you. This would be splitting you up to make placing you in homes easier for them. Mary replied we need to talk together about this please. I told her we will leave the room and give you all the time you need.

We left the room, and I closed the door. After Ten minutes Mary opened the door and said we will except your offer on a trial basses. We do need our own lawyer to represent us. Mary looked at Cindy and held out a dollar that K had handed her. Cindy took it and said I will represent you and your family in all matters pertaining to your care and raising. Our law firm will investigate the cause of your father’s death and if there is reason to sue for compensation we will.


I knew when a man caring a Bible and Two people in Orange came thru the door Dad was dead. These people were not we know what is best for you State Social Workers. Like the ones who tried to force dad to give the twins up for adoption so they could have a better life. The State Social Workers knew Two couples who were well off that would each take One of the twins. Raising them in a more influential manner, giving them a better life and future.

They did ask me what I wanted and what I thought was best for us. They even turned down the stipend offer that daddy put in his will as an incentive to keep us a family. Jr and I decided to accept their offer, but I will ask for a lawyer to represent us as a family in court and an investment counselor to keep track of our money.

We found out that Mr. Martin was the Chancellor of RPI and Mrs. Naomie was the Administrative Director for this whole place called Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. This was an Indian Reservation, and we were now a part of it.

They gathered our clothes and what stuff we had and took us to one of the armored vehicle and we got inside. We were all strapped in including Josephine, Elevon, and the twins in car seats. After a short ride we pulled up in front of a huge house that I thought would be a group of Townhouses. I was wrong, it was our new home and it had Twelve Bedroom, Ten Bath Home, One-acre of land, and enclosed heated pool. I hope this was not a dream.

Mrs. Naomie

I sensed Mary’s apprehensions and gave her a hug. I then said, Richton, Dillion, and Mary each of you will pick out a room. Nanny has Keith, Keven, Josephine, and Elevon adjoining rooms ready. We will redecorate them as each of you wish, next week. We will arrange when it is safe and possible for you to get things from your home. We will make the arrangements for your father’s funeral according to his wishes, which he has stated in the will.

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