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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 95

0500 Monday 23 January Kariwase

Mrs. Ruth and I agreed with Robert refusing us to be on duty between 2200 and 0600 each night. We could have no more than a Ten-hour workday, each day, that we would have to plan around the needs. From 0600 to 1600 each day I would cover reception at the Medical Center and the Shelters. She would do the 1200 to 2200. Our overlap of 1200 to 1600 would allow us to compare notes and exchange ideas.

I was up and Douglas had my bath ready and clothes for the day laid out. My Orange shirt and slacks as it made putting on snow pants easier if I needed them. Robert finished his shower and dressing and at 0530 we both walked hand in hand to the elevator and the Breakfast Room.

The talk was of Lillian having people arrested during the night for failing to believe that the rules apply to them. Lillian came in and was embarrassed by the standing ovation she received. Lester said thank you Lillian for making it harder for the rest of us to excel. All had a laugh at that remark as they threw napkins at him. We had good people and the cream always seemed to flow towards us. I knew that this afternoon our Wappinger Nation Ruling Consul would have its First meeting and I needed to discuss something for it with Mrs. Ruth.

As I was thinking Mrs. Ruth came to me and asked me if we could meet at 1230 this afternoon to discuss the Wappinger Nation Ruling Consul. I replied yes here in the Breakfast Room or would the Tea Room be better. She replied to the Tea Room and added it to her Plan of the Day she was turning in.

After speaking with Mrs. Ruth, I called Lillian and my transportation and security team to my table with Robert and invited them to sit with us. I congratulated them on their successive tour of duty last night and said that right after the morning meeting I would tour our facilities. I would also visit the Detention Facility to check on our guests there.

Robert reminded my crew that I was not to travel out past the front gate and only he could rescind that order. My visit to the Detention Facility would require notice of approval in advance. In writing the approval of Judge Olson, Lieutenant Colonel Richman, the Guests, and the Guests attorneys before I could talk with the guests. Starks or Tiller would accompany me, but not Lillian to avoid an unneeded confrontation.

I agreed to his requirements and sent messages to Quentin and Jennifer that I wished to speak with them privately Five minutes before the staff meeting. Both replied they would meet with me, but both said no to a visit with the Guests this morning. I could talk to them after their arraignment if they and their attorneys agreed. They both added they sent a message to Robert about this before we even woke up this morning and it covered Mrs. Ruth as well. Judge Olson would inform them and their attorneys of a desire for us to talk to them. Mrs. Ruth and I would receive a message if the Guests agreed to talk to us. I looked up at Robert and he just smiled at me and said I did try, but that he would not get involved in the legal processes of the Federal Courts.

Lillian looking at the clock on the wall said if you will excuse us, Sir, Mam, we have a vehicle to prepare and she and her team rose, pushed in their chairs, gathered their trays, and left. Robert said to them as they started to leave Thank-You I know K is in safe hands with you Three. “You will do all you can to protect her from herself and her dedication to duty and he then went back to reading his reports.

I decided to message Quentin and Jennifer and cancel the meetings and added that I really did want to talk to the “Guests” and check on their treatment after their arraignment.

Mrs. Ruth stopped and said she was disappointed in not speaking to those arrested but did plan to attend the arraignment to view the process. She would not speak unless addressed by Judge Olson or other members of the court. She would request that the proceedings recorded by the Courts for the record, but not for broadcast outside the Court. She knew that recordings in their Courtroom were up to each individual Judge.


I stood up and said ladies will you please accompany me to the morning brief as it is time. I looked around and saw that all the others who Robert required to be there had already left for the briefing room. We rose and Robert pushed in my chair as Tim pushed in Mrs. Ruths and we proceeded to the briefing.

I called; people keep your seats as Art called Commanding General on Deck. The brief started with the weather report as always.

The weather forecaster reported, as the Subtropical Low moved closer to us the temperature would rise to just below freezing late this afternoon. The snow would change to a heavy wet snow mixed with Sleet and Freezing Rain, with the amounts to increase to Two to Three inches an hour. The winds would decrease in strength to Twenty-Five to Thirty Miles per an Hour. It is better but still too fast for Wind Turbin Power Production. This heavy snow would not blow into the large drifts we have been seeing. Though with a high moisture content when the nighttime temperatures fell to near Zero it would freeze into ice that would cause falling trees, ice sheets sliding off peak roofs, and flat roofs to collapse.

We need to prepare for more shelter space and rescues. Spaces at the current open State and Local Shelters were in schools or older government buildings that had flat roofs and the loadbearing abilities of the roofs could be in question.


I started, if we used our medium-sized hangars we could fit Five Hundred people in each of them. The Four large hangars, the Two Rec Centers, and the Terminal could each hold a tight One Hundred more each and the Field House Three Hundred more. This would give us Three Thousand more spaces. It would be tight but manageable. We have people using sleeping bags and ISO sleeping mats on the floor instead of cots and blankets.

John Boy

Food is not a fundamental problem with Fifty Thousand MREs in storage. The stress on the sanitation and bathing facilities would increase but that is not my department.

I am to take over The Wappinger Nation Militia Flag Command Duty from Tim after this meeting. Are you sure Principle Chief Currahee Nations you want to make me a BGen in The Wappinger Nation Militia. His reply was, Yes, carry on.


That includes Byron Red Sky Nelson, Timothy Silver Fox, Doral Elwood Hayes, Alfred Harvey, and Joseph Sequoyah Marcus. Arthur William Smith you will remain CSM but stand Flag Duty if I need you to. CSM Yolanda Zulu You also.

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