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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 93

Mrs. Ruth

Lester and my team were waiting for us in the conference room. Lillian told Lester next time give her a warning before planning her life and the lives of her team and then added a Thank-You.

I said the Six of you now belong to me. We will set you up in your rooms in the Longhouse and Lester Miller you will share Valet Parkland with Herold Tiller. Lester will be addressed by the Longhouse Staff and guests, as Mr. Miller, and Herold as Mr. Tiller. You ladies will be addressed as Miss Oaks, Miss Downs, Miss Wright, and Miss Starks. People may request to call you by another name, and you may except. People may also request you call them by another name. This you may also except.

Miss Oaks and Miss Downs will share a lady’s maid and a Two-bedroom unit as will Miss Wright and Miss Starks. These Valet and Ladies Maids will instruct you in how our household works and the proper way to dress and act in the various situations you will find yourselves in. The people residing at the Longhouse are required by protocol to dress in a specific way for specific events. Dinner is the main social event each day at this time. The Class A Uniforms are the required dress for Military Members.

In the future after you leave the U S Army. Lester your position will become that of the confidant and protector of Robert Hayowentha Pierce III and Herold will become the confidant and protector of James Tall Elk Junior. Lillian and Maybell will be the companions and protectors of Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce and Lela and Shenna will become my companions and protectors.

All household members who are not on active duty but have a reserve requirement will join the reserve HHC MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation for their reserve duty requirement. They will dress in Class A Uniforms for dinner unless otherwise instructed.

The Longhouse will provide you with Five Class A Uniforms. For the men, a tuxedo. Three dress suits, overcoat, and required hats. Five dress shirts and slacks for casual dress. Sweaters and jackets for cooler weather. Winter clothing, boots, gloves, and hats for winter weather. The ladies a formal ballgown. Three formal dresses, a Ladies coat and require purses and hats. Five Dresses or Blouse/Skirt outfits with shoulder bags for casual dress. Sweaters and jackets for cooler weather. Winter clothing, boots, gloves, and hats for winter weather. Blue jeans and t-shirts will be worn sparingly and in your off time.

You will be issued Five sets of work uniforms which will be an Orange Polo Shirt, Khaki Pants, and safety shoes. Orange Winter clothing for winter weather. The Orange Shirts and Coats show you are a Level I or II Supervisor in Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and have Command Decision Authority.

The six of you will be assigned to table #4 in the front row for lunch and dinner. The men are expected to pull out the chairs for the ladies and seat them before sitting themselves. You will learn our rules and ways verry quickly. K and I will not be going out the rest of the day so you should use this time to move your uniforms into your rooms, meet your Valet or Maids, and meet other members of the household who reside in the same area of the house you do. Raleigh is waiting in the Breakfast Room for you. You have been added to the B-3 and above elevator excess roster. Thank-You. I was pleased that the Two young men rose as K, and I departed the room.


I will lead the way; ladies the elevator is too our left as we exit this room. I arose and had Herold hold the door as I led the way. At the elevator, the Corporal looked at us and said with a smile “lose hope all who enter here,” “resistance is futile you will be assimilated” as he pushed the up button for us.

We were met by a girl who introduced herself as Twelve almost Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Anne Pierce. One of Robert’s granddaughters. She led us to the Breakfast Room where she introduced us to the rest of the people who had rooms near us in the house.

Martinez Sanchez Davis, Roseland Forest, and Aleshia Jasmin Pierce all work in Public Health, Water, Sewage, and Utilities for Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

Jackson Andrew Davis, Johanna Warren, and Sandra Lee Pierce, who all our working on Logistics Control for Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

Jefferson Alexander Davis, Janice Lincolnshire, and Elizabeth Anne Pierce, who are working on the Fifty-Three utility Project reviews for Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation

Alexander Boone Davis, Eloise Quayman, and I, who are working on Manufacturing Operations and Quality Control for our Solar and Wind Turbine Manufacturing Facilities of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

Marcus Alton Night, Christine Shepard, and Jennifer May Silver Fox, who are working on Wolverine Cyber Security

Morris Abraham Hamilton, Cassidy Sherman, and Wynette Lee Silver Fox, on Computer Controlled Manufacturing and Operations for Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

I saw, they all, even the young girls had Orange shirts on. One of the guys stood and said I am Jeff, these are Jack, Mart, Alex, Marcus, and Abe. The girls are Johanna who Shadows Sandra Lee, Eloise who Shadows April Joy, Roseland who Shadows Aleshia Jasmin, Janice who Shadows Elizabeth Anne, Christine who Shadows Jennifer May, and Cassidy who Shadows Wynette Lee.

All of us except Marcus and Abe started this month as honest enlisted people. MGen Pierce decided we need to be Officers to do the jobs he gave us. All us guys were retired disabled service men until MGen Pierce decided he needed us active duty. The older girls are the first line security for the young girls. I understand that Mrs. Ruth has decided that you Two guys will be security in the future for The Third and JR.

In our little area of the house there are rules we must follow. If visiting a room of the opposite sex the door to the hall will remain open. You do not enter the bedroom spaces unless there are Two of you of the same gender and it is for a specific purpose. All moving of furniture or rearranging will be done by the household staff. If you have a question, ask your Valet or Maid, they are there to help you. All your actions will be viewed by those not friendly to Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., Wolverine Field, or the Wappinger Nation. Your actions will be that of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., Wolverine Field, or the Wappinger Nation as a whole. So, we always choose to act on the side of caution in everything we do. Especially personal relations.

Do not let others intimidate you or your rank in Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. The fact that you ware Orange shirts makes you an Officer in the Company. You have the authority from Robert to make decisions involving anything, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. We all have a position in this house and we all will do nothing to embarrass this House, The Pierce Family, or the Wappinger Nation.

We will police ourselves and each other.

Here is Raleigh with your Valet and Maids. We use them to free us up from daily tasks to accomplish the major tasks that Robert, K, and Mrs. Ruth set for us to do. We will all meet later and talk more about what is expected of you.

Raleigh they are all yours.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Butler to MGen Dr PhD Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior and head of the household Staff of Longhouse Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. The Dowager Mrs. Ruth who runs the family household has informed me that you Six will be joining the household.

Miss Lillian Oaks, the staff will address you as Miss Oaks and Miss Maybell Starks, the staff will address you as Miss Starks, your Ladies Maid will be Billings.

Miss Lela Downs, the staff will address you as Miss Downs and Miss Shenna Wright, the staff will address you as Miss Wright, your Ladies Maid whom you have met is Desten.

Mr. Lester Miller, the staff will address you as Mr. Miller and Mr. Herald Tiller the staff will address you as Mr. Tiller, your Valet is Parkland who Mr. Miller has met but not Mr. Tiller.

You all need to move your Kit to your rooms as soon as possible so your Maids or Valet can review them, that the additional items required by the household protocol can be acquired. I looked at the rest of the young people gathered in the Breakfast Room and said I am sure that you will find help and guidance from other members of the household.

Parkland, Billings, and Desten, ensure your charges are dressed for dinner in Service A Uniforms. Now, excuse me well I address other tasks.


I could see they were as shell shocked as we were on being thrust into this New Reality. I said to Janice, why not take Elizabeth Anne on a ride in the girls Striker to get their uniforms and such. A Captain especially in Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Orange will prevent any foot dragging by persons in the unit that might not approve of the girls’ orders. The other young ladies will receive a ride later. I will accompany the Gentlemen to assure that there will be no foot dragging on their side.

Janice agreed and said Elizabeth Anne let us get our Artic Gear, then to the ladies we will meet you in the garage in Fifteen minutes.

I returned to the rest of the people and said I will call when we are on our way back and you can help us carry their gear to their rooms. Then turning to the guys Fifteen minutes in the garage, let us get moving.


I am glad Jeff suggested I go with the girls. Major Alice Winsford the S-1 Officer tried to give them and me a ration of shit. She did not like the handwritten orders from Robert. She yelled that only typed orders were acceptable. She said people in her unit would not go anywhere without properly typed endorsed orders. I called Tim and he and Art were there in Fifteen minutes with their orders.

Tim talked with the unit XO who on reading the original handwritten orders apologized to Tim and said he would manage the problem at his level if that was acceptable. Tim replied, it was. Then turning to the Stryker crews said all of you get all your gear. You will not be returning. All your weapons and the vehicle’s equipment and weapons were included in the orders. To which the XO nodded in agreement.

Fifteen minutes later we were loaded and on our way to the Longhouse. Lillian told me the Major had always been a pain even to the point of having people in the S-1 sign for pens and conduct random inventory inspections to ensure you had only what she issued to you and would assign extra duty to those who did not have the correct amount on hand.

1900 Sunday 22 January Kariwase

The 1800 Staff conference went longer than the noon one. We have Six Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty-Four registered guests. One Hundred Eleven in the Medical Center, Nine in serious condition, we have had Seventeen fatalities, we have Three unaccompanied minors because of Two of the fatalities: A Seven-year-old boy, Thomas and a Four-year-old-girl, Misty whose mother gave up her coat to keep them warm in their stuck car. A Nineteen-month-old-girl, Bella, was the only survivor of the family car being crushed by a fallen tree.

The sub-tropical storm is moving at Twelve miles an hour and is expected to be on top of us in Seventy-Two-hours. The snow falls amounts, and temperature predictions have not changed.

All our teams are inside our fence and safely under cover for the night. We have had no casualties among our personnel nor any major equipment failures.

State and Local road clearing crews have been withdrawn as the conditions are too hazardous for them to be out alone. It was decided that do to the snowfall amounts and it is freezing, that our M1150 ABV (Assault Breacher Vehicle) vehicles with modified plows and a M88A2 Hercules will travel in teams of Three to keep roads workable clear for us to use that connect us to I-90 and I-87 interstates and the major cities in the region.

We had Company Commanders come back with them having had people follow their teams in during the day. With night and no power, lights, and heat more people would follow the teams in their own vehicles even though our news people have said no private vehicles will be allowed on MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

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