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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 92


I rose and addressed the seated staff. The full operating license for the One-Hundred Kw Natural Gas Power Plant located at Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation has been unconditionally approved for full power operation. This is pending a report from the operating engineer Alfred Harvey that The System has passed all safety milestone check points.

FEMA will provide full reimbursement to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation for all expenditures relating to operation Flash Igloo upon the verification of all invoices submitted to FEMA.

FEMA has accepted all stipulations of Wolverine Field; Wappinger Nation has asked for in allowing FEMA to conduct operation Flash Igloo from their property.

Now I will turn this meeting over to Jardine Larson for an update on the weather forecast.


The Artic High air pressure has increased by Five Millibars and the Sub-Tropical Low has decreased by Eleven Millibars in the 1200 readings The Low will properly be a Tropical Depression in the next Twelve hours. The Five-day snow total, From 0000 22 January to 2359 26 January will be Twelve to Fourteen Feet. We have at the 1200 readings from Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation weather station Sixteen inches of snow on the ground, an air temperature at 10 degrees F and a sustained wind speed of 25 MPH, a wind chill temperature of -11 degrees F, Wind gusts to 35 MPH.

The overnight low air temperature is projected to be at -15 degrees F and a sustained wind speed of 30 MPH, a wind chill temperature of -50 degrees F, Wind gusts 45 MPH.

I recommend that all missions, but life-threatening emergency rescue missions, be cancelled at 1800 hours. A serious risk reward analysis concerned be conducted on all proposed operations after that time until morning.


Thank-You, Jardine. Robert,


Raymond, equipment breakdown in that kind of weather?


Near the lowest levels the equipment has been evaluated to. People must be limited to maximum Ten minutes every Thirty and mission duration of no more than Three hours. Equipment must be kept running from the time it leaves the equipment bay until it returns. Crews will have Two days off after each mission day. I have the tracked vehicles, people, and equipment to allow Twenty-Four; Two vehicle teams off base each Twenty-Four-hour period. Strikers with modified mine plows will be allowed on base use only. All bus transportation and truck deliveries will be done in convoys with Strikers with modified mine plows in escort. All personnel should have the GPS ankle bracelet put on them, if possible, before leaving the building they are in with no exceptions.

Ryan interjected and said we have Fifty Thousand of them they were meant as tags to track the shipment of high price component parts. Each has a unique serial/tracking number, and they are easily modified for our use.

I replied all my people and moving equipment will have them before 1600 today and all people and equipment serial/tracking number will be verified before exiting the equipment bay for all traffic.

I will be assigning Eight Strikers with modified mine plows with crews to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation, to include the one assigned this morning, for the Disaster Response Management Team to use as you see fit, but they do not leave the base.


Thank-You Raymond. Kariwase


As of 1200 today we had Two-Thousand-Three-Hundred-Twenty-Eight registered guests, with One-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Nine of them as minors. We have at this time no un-accompanied minors registered. Ninety-Six of our guests are Hospitalized at the Medical Center, none are listed in critical or serious condition.

We have opened Center Two. We have center Three staffed and on stand-by. Center Four will be set up and staffed by 1600 this afternoon. We will wait on setting up Five, Six, and Seven until tomorrow.

The Four Strikers with modified mine plows that we have are convoying with Three of our Thirty-Four passenger buses with each Striker allowing for each convoy to move One Hundred people from receiving at the Medical Center to the shelters. We do not load a bus until we have a full convoy load unless there are no people left in processing. We still move all Four vehicles to keep continuity.

I will assign the Strikers with modified mine plows to people or section as follows: Robert, Mrs. Ruth, Me, John-Boy, Byron, Dennis, Ryan, and Harvy. I would like to request Two Bradlees be assigned to Danial and Public Relations as they need to get out into town to record events to broadcast. Raymond replied to me, you will have them in half an hour.


Thank-You Kariwase. Danial.


Robert, Channal 4 News owners have decided that they will permanently close the station as of midnight tonight. Today’s weather has shown them that the facility is to small and under-equipped to be profitable entertainment in this market area. Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. has made, and it was accepted, a Three Million Five Hundred Thousand offer on the station Lock, Stock, License, and Frequency. You will have to request that the license be renewed under the Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. umbrella after the emergency is over, but we can continue broadcasting until then as a public service.

We have taken over the Second Briefing room as our studio. We have set up with equipment from, the now, your former location. Your civilian and military technicians have set us up to broadcast locally from one of your towers on the mountain. Also, by satellite through your system without compromising your operation security.

We will go live at 1400 and I request Mr. Carl Jeffers and you to open the broadcast. I would then request Jardine Larson and your chief meteorologist Cleveland Lieman go on and present the weather situation. Our news team will then address the precautions people need to take, where to get medical treatment and other emergency assistance, and the location of all the available shelters in our area, and restrictions involved in using them.

Our News teams will leave for town as soon as I brief them and that includes that the senior military person is in charge, and they will follow their orders or find another job. I will set up a team at each shelter and have a roving on base in the Striker.

I will edit all footage to protect information that various people do not want released for assorted reasons but would like a military PR Person to assist with this.


Thank-You Danial. I will not take the purchase price from your salary, only half of it. No. Good call. People you may be required to make other similar decisions involving even more money. As I taught young leaders there are worse things than making a wrong decision, that is making no decision. You are leaders and you must make decisions based on information you have at the time. Think then act. Do something when required to do so.

Get the news and information out but keep our people safe. We will reconvene at 1800 hours today. Mrs. Ruth and K, you will please join us for the news conference, please? Thank-You all and keep your seats as Carl, Mrs. Ruth, K, and I left the room.


Mr. Jeffers, if you will excuse us for a moment, I need to take care of a housekeeping matter about our Station. As I take care of it our makeup people will prepare you for our broadcast.

Robert, Kariwase, and Mrs. Ruth I would like to introduce you to Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. TV Station Manager, Mrs. Sencha Exeter, and Spokes Person Pedro Rivera.

Until you fire me, I will be Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Director of Media Operations. Sencha will manage this TV Station and if other stations are acquired or created, she will become the Director of TV Broadcasting. We will add a Director of Radio Broadcasting if Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. acquires that media. You show a desire for People Nations to grow and prosper, rebroadcasting our media signal in the language of host People Nations on their Nations Lands will strengthen that Nation and allow information and communication specific to the needs of the People Nations to be Broadcast.

Pedro will be Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Deputy Spokes Person and my Deputy Assistant. This will allow me to expand our operation to other People Nations. The other Media Positions will not change at this time.

Robert, Mrs. Sencha Exeter, and Pedro Rivera both are of People Nations. Sencha is Crow and Pedro is Navaho.


Sencha and Pedro welcome to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. This is our Nation Mother Mrs. Ruth, and this is my wife Kariwase. If either of you needs something they can help you take care of it.

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