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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 91

Sargent Lester Miller

Mrs. Ruth, I am Sargent Lester Miller, my team has an Engineer Striker that has a modified mine plow on it. We have been assigned to you for the accomplishment of your duties. I am your personal vehicle Commander and will be allowed to take you any ware on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation you wish to go. I cannot take you off the base according to the strict orders I received in writing from MGen Pierce by way of Colonel Fox. Col. Fox personally handed me my orders and said only MGen Pierce could change them.

Mrs. Ruth

Lester, lead the way please and we headed for the parking bay. I handed my personal radio to Lester and said I need you to keep track of any message I receive; my call sign is Mrs. Ruth. Lester said with your permission I will hand your radio over to our Assistant Driver Corporals Shenna Wright. I agreed. Our vehicle had a large orange banner on the front. Lester told me it was a signal to security that we had orders to be out without a second vehicle in accompany. Single vehicle movement authorized, do not stop us to check on why we are on the road alone. Lester introduced me to his Two crew members Corporals Lela Downs and Shenna Wright. I put on my Orange parka and snow pants, that I saw had a substantial number Three in reflective Black tape on the back of the parka. Everyone knew where I fit in the command structure.

Lester helped me into the Striker and buckled me in before we started up the ramp. I heard Lester announce we had clearance to proceed to the Medical Center and he called out our names reporting us as the people on board. It was a noisy but comfortable ride to the Medical Center. Lester helped me out and led me into the building by the Emergency Entrance.

They were busy, but when I was noticed in my Orange parka by a nurse, she came to me and asked could she get someone for me. No, I replied I just needed to see the condition of our guests. Also, to see if our receiving system was working or were changes needed.

Just then Dr Martha came into the ER and came over to us. After greeting each other I asked is the current system working or can we make it run smoother. She replied to me, it does fill up the entrance and make things more chaotic. I looked and saw that the Urgent Care Center was attached to the side of the building. I asked would the use of the Urgent Care Center as your reception center help straighten out this chaos. She looked and signaled for her radio and after sending and receiving multiple messages she said to me. Thank-You Mrs. Ruth, all reception will now be done at the Urgent Care Center, and it will help the ER flow smoother and give the ER more space for patients. She thanked me again and said she and her people did not think of using the Urgent Care Center and it was closed and right in front of them.

Lester came to me and said Mrs. Ruth we have a request on the radio for you to come to the Recreation Center if possible. Saying goodbye to Dr Martha, I headed for my chariot with Lester holding my arm to steady me in the wind. After ensuring I was buckled in, we headed for the Recreation Center.

We arrived again to organized chaos. Dr Jane Holman, my Deputy Superintendent Wappinger Nation Education System was the person in charge of this Evacuation Shelter. She saw us and came over to me. She said we have many people especially children with only Two changes of clothes. Can we find a way to hook up half a dozen washers and dryers and provide the necessary products for people to wash the clothes they have, especially the children?

I motioned for my radio, called Ryan, and told him I wanted Six washers and Dryers delivered to this and every other Evacuation Shelter with the necessary products for people to wash their clothes. I then called Hernandez Martinez and Wilber Rotuman for them to find a way to install them and get them operational as soon as possible. Hernandez replied he and his people will be here to do the work before Ryan could provide the machines. Not Ten minutes later Hernandez and Wilber showed up with a set of blueprints and found a location for them next to the Sana that was locked and not to be used. It would provide the necessary power, water, sewage, and dryer ventilation. They started work on the building modifications and had the electrical and plumbing ready by the time Ryen arrived with the machines. Less than an hour after I made the request, we had working washers, dryers, and the necessary products for our guests to wash clothes.

I checked on John Boy, and he had hot Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, and pastries available as people arrived. Lunch service starts at 1130 and end at 1300 but the “Hot Wets” would be Twenty-Four/Seven.

Most people would have cots in the undeveloped area inside the walking track. Rooms set were aside for people with special needs and assigned at the Evacuation Shelter Directors discretion with my authority.

Lester helped me put my Artic Gear on and helped me into my seat and as always, he did not allow us to move until I was buckled in. I said we were going back to the Command Center, and we headed that way. I had them refuel the vehicle and parked in the spot reserved for me near the elevator. I waited for them to finish their shutdown procedures and then told them to follow me.

The guard at the elevator just smiled at them when I said the Longhouse, please. We got off at the First floor and I asked a footmen to find Raleigh for me. He arrived minutes later and asked what he could do for the Dowager this morning. I replied these Two ladies, and this gentleman will be moving into Two of the open Two-bedroom suites as Robert has assigned them to me as my driver and protectors. I wish to have them handy if I need to correct a problem late at night or early morning.

Raleigh called the housekeeper, a lady’s maid, and valet. After instructing them on what I wanted Raleigh motioned them to follow him. I replied I will see you for lunch at 1200, dress is your BDU’s. Your Maid and Valet will inform you of the house rules. I will call if we need to go somewhere before lunch. I went to my room and my lady’s maid Linsey helped me undress from my Artic Gear. After a short bath and putting on a dress for lunch I headed down to find out how others had fared this morning.


Yes, Mister Secretary we could be facing massive power outages and with it a high death toll due to lack of heat. MGen Pierces people believe they can get there power plant operational but will need an operation license. DOE needs to issue it to them now. I know of their adversarial history and wish DOE could overlook it to issue the license. MGen Pierce has threatened to take the matter directly to the President if the license is not going to be issue before 1200 today. He will and it will make my job tougher to accomplish. His people have developed a plan that will save lives and property but not if Beltway Bureaucracy gets in the way. FEMA will have to stand before a select community for our failure.

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