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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 90

0800 Wolverine Command Center Robert

In reply to Yoyo’s call of Commanding officer on deck. As you were. We have acquired another mission Flash Igloo. The Governor of New York has asked POTUS for a disaster declaration and He has granted it.

FEMA has a Disaster Operation Director here in Albany and I have sent a Bradley team to his home to bring him here as directed by the Director of FEMA. His ETA was Five minutes ago. Harvey, find out where he is. He will be the Command Authority and we will support Flash Igloo as he directs us. We, with a few exceptions, will make up his staff and if you see a problem in his operation plan. Please bring it to your superior’s attention with a solution and allow them to pass it up the chain for actions. You may refuse an order that you feel is to dangerous but prepare to have an alternative operation method.

Lt Col Harvey handed me a message that the FEMA Operation Director has just entered tunnel Two and will be escorted here as quickly as possible. Not a minute later a Man in one of our Orange winter coats entered the room. He had with him a woman and Three children escorted by a security team. One of Naomie’s’ people trying to explain why the ankle tag was required for all minors on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Taking off his coat and helping his wife with a little one he then turned to us at the command table.

Carl Jeffers

I am Carl Jeffers a Deputy Director of FEMA Operations. I have been assigned to Command this Operation named what Flash Igloo. This is my wife Terissa and children Jr-Five, Lillia-Three, and Stacy- Fourteen months. Who am I addressing?


I am MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior Commanding Officer of Operation Flash Freeze, Commanding General of all Military personal assigned to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation, the CEO of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., and the Principle Chief of the Wappinger Nation. This is my wife Kariwase and our Tribal Mother Mrs. Ruth.

Brigadier General Jedediah Johnston USMC Deputy Command Operation Flash Freeze, Brigadier General Raymond James Carter 3rd Calvary, Brigadier General Ellington Jeffers Greeley 20th Brigade, Engineers, Brigadier General Gray Fox MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation, Colonel Timothy Silver Fox my Adjutant, Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Richman USMC Joint Serves MP Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Harvey HHC Commanding Officer, Command Sargent Major Arthur William Smith.

Byron-Military Liasson, Naomie-Registration and Administration, John Boy-Food Service, Ryan-Clothing and Supplies, Dennis-Emergency Services, Arthur-Security, Sampson-Transportation, Martha-Medical Services, Moses-Children k-12th grade, Marigold-Children Birth-pre-K, Betty-Housing, Danial-Press Spokesman

This is our Command team, and we are basing Operation Flash Igloo on the Artic Weather Operation plan of Fort Drum, New York.

We do require all minors to have a GPS monitor ankle bracelet on them, no exceptions.

Carl Jeffers

I am sorry for not allowing your people to affix the ankle bracelet earlier. I assume that you can track and find any child that needs locating or goes missing? I like that idea, turning to Naomie’s assistant and saying please finish your work as it will protect my children well, we are here.

I turned to MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce, Sir may I address you as Robert, He replied yes, I added you may address me as Carl. Robert, where will I and my family be staying during this operation?


K can you ask Consuela to come and put them in a guest Suite and the children in the Nursery. I turned to Carl and Terissa and said we have a Nursery run by our Nanny and her trained staff that watch our children Twenty-Four/Seven. It would save disruption in our house if you placed your Three there. Your Son Carl will join my grandson the Third with Tim’s and Consuela’s Jr there. Your girls would join Tim’s and Consuela’s Isabella. It is not a holding place but a Secure, Teaching and Education area for our children and we make a point to spend time with our children throughout each day, try it.

Consuela entered and K introduced her to Carl, Terissa, and the children. Consuela then led Terissa and the children away and said we will meet you at lunch as she walked away.

Carl, you noticed multiple Shirt/Coat Colors on the people who are working at this facility. They are to help separate the Duty Responsibilities of people from a distance.

And I listed the colors and duties assigned to each. The Brown shirts for Outside Agencies with the Agency Alphabet Code on them. Orange shirts for Level I, II Supervisors and Senior Employees who are equivalent to Col and LtCol in rank and all will have a radio operator with them in white with and Orange stripe for communication and location purposes. These Level I, II Supervisors and Senior Employees have the authority to make any decision in any area that needs an immediate decision. We have posted charts around for people to see and help run Operation Flash Igloo more efficiently. I would request that your people wear Brown Shirts/Coats with FEMA on them. We will provide them to your people to include Artic Gear for working outside.

My people will now present what we have currently planned for your information and your ideas on improvements. We will start with BGen Carter 3rd Calvary our maneuver troop commander.

BGen Carter

We have counting what Equipment Wolverine Field has, Sixty-Four Bradlees, Sixteen M88A2 Hercules Retrievers, and Sixteen M1150 ABV (Assault Breacher Vehicle) vehicles. We will have sent out in the last half hour Sixteen, Two vehicle teams with an Officer an SNCO in command. They have gone to the sights the State Police have directed us to. They are now in the process of rescuing people. The teams not sent to a direct sight are going down the Interstates, checking stuck vehicles, and marking the ones found empty. They will mark vehicles that have deceased victims as identified by the assigned medical personnel and mark them with GPS for later recovery.

If they recover critical victims, they will return straight to ours or the nearest operating Medical Center. Non-Critical will be collected and on having a full vehicle return to our base or the nearest shelter excepting people.

We will use Hercules to clear a path for our Tactical Firefighting Equipment which will only be released on command level authority based on location of the fire, the risk the fire may cause, and people involved in the path of the fire.


I am Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce the Director of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Disaster Response Management Team and my Deputy is Mayor Byron Red Sky Nelson the Mayor of Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Our authority to make decisions on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation is absolute and only Mrs. Ruth or Robert my Husband can make me change a decision I make.

Mr. Dennis Simmons, our Director of Emergency Services, will be your point of contact for all matters relating to Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation and our operating policies and procedures.

All people transported or walking into Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation will be directed to our Medical Center for Triage and Registration to include ankle bracelets on minors and wrist bands on adults. We will then transport those not needing, or those needing only minor medical care to a shelter where minor injuries will be treated by EMT’s and Military Medical Personnel under their Supervisors guidance.

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