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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 9

Mrs. Smith continues.

Kariwase and Mrs. Ruth came to me with those Four adorable girls in tow and holding Roberts credit card, time to go shopping.

As we shopped, we discussed the ceremony. I would answer that Kariwase was from the Black Bear Clan as I am, and she has been under my roof for protection.

Mrs. Ruth told he her grandfather had married one of the People. They named him “He That Stood for the People” and his wife’s name was Ruth Joyful Morning.

I replied to Mrs. Ruth that she was of the Little Bear Clan thru her grandmother and a member of the Mohawk Nation. She had a right to stand before the Mohawk Nation and stand in for Roberts mother not only as head of his of his long house and family but as a member of the Little Bear Clan.

As I was the Bride’s Mother, I led all negotiations for what we needed. A vendor of traditional Clothing had an elaborately decorated, handmade, White Doe Wedding Dress and Moccasins. She offered to rent it to us. The traditional designed dress to be a rental, rented out to those who wanted a traditional wedding outfit but could not afford one. Her plan was to rent it out like a man’s tux, Kariwase and Mrs. Ruth both said we will buy it for they knew Six girls who will want to ware it on their wedding days.

The quoted price was $6,000.00. I looked at her and said you will take $4,5000 as you had it original marked yesterday or find yourself in a less visible location during future events.

Let it be known that I know the price ranges for items, and people will not overcharge us. The rest of the items we acquired at a fair price.

The Tribal Resort arranged a banquet for Five Thousand that they served on the gathering grounds. The Resort would do it for the food costs, as this was turning out to be a tribal event.

For the wedding, a short open long house was built in the center of the gathering place by the Tribal Counsel on the meeting grounds so all could see, attend, and participate. This was to be a grand event and festival of the family values of our Mohawk Nation.

A vendor produced A Wedding Wheel of great skill and beauty and tried to give it to us for free and I had to force her to take $1,000.00 for it. She felt it was a worthy gift to the Wedding of the people who returned honor to the Black Bear Clan.

My husband’s sister, a baker of traditional Mohawk wedding cake had started a cake for one hundred as the main cake with other bakers providing cakes for Five Thousand and I hope that will be enough for all too be fed.

CSM Byron Red Sky Nelson and his wife joined us to pick out the Grooms Outfit. The Taylor offered it at a less than fair price of $1,500.00, Nelson told the Taylor the outfit was worth 3,000.00 and that is what we would pay, the CSM departed to get Robert for his fitting.

Us woman continued on. We found the baskets needed and arranged for the contents needed. It was Noon when we finished. We picked up Kariwase outfit and proceed to my house to get her hair done and get her dressed. My husband left telling me he would have transportation for all of us at 6:30 PM.

CSM Byron Red Sky Nelson

I called Robert and told him where to meet me to get his wedding outfit fitted. He arrived with his grandson Robert III and Consuela’s JR in tow. They had not wanted to go with the girls but be with grandpa and the men where they belonged, The Third said as he was next in line for the Clan Chief.

Chief Smith joined us and agreed with Robert III and JR, the woman filled his house and any male old enough to be somewhere else was wise to do so. Chief Smith arranged with the Tribal Police of both Nationalities to provide transportation for the women at 6:30PM.

Robert requested that I pass around One shot of my precious Canadian Mist to all the Men who gathered at my house as a toast but One only.

I noticed about Two Dozen Men and Boys as the Woman and Girls had gathered at the Chiefs house. I passed the toast out to include a drop in water for the boys.

As we had had no lunch, I ordered that staple of bachelor life Pizza for us all. Robert told me if he had money left on his credit card tomorrow, he would repay me. And all the men laughed, would woman leave money around when they had a blank amount to spend and only another woman telling them what they needed to buy.

Robert replied he would pass the hat for fuel to get his family home and then said money was an acceptable wedding gift, we all had a laugh at that and wondered what our wife’s had committed us to and had to laugh again.

At 6:15PM, having dressed Robert, The Third, and JR in there finery, we departed to the meeting ground. The stands were full. This was truly to be a Mohawk Nations Event.


The Third, JR, and I arrived at the meeting grounds accompanied by dozens of men in traditional dress to include our Gahsdo:wa. The Announcer broadcast from the PA system that according to Tribal Traditions this was a Sacred Event, and the people should hold its memory in their hearts, so put away all cameras and cell phones. All recording devices disappeared.

The Woman arrived at 6:45PM. Mrs. Smith accompanied Kariwase to her side of the bench and Mrs. Ruth also dressed in traditional clothing accompanied me to my side. Kariwase and I looked at each other and smiled.


Every little girl dreams at one time or another that her wedding would be a grand affair celebrated by Thousands. Mine was to be that with around Five Thousand people attending, but I would be just as happy with our little family.

At 6:30PM there was a knock on the front door. Mrs. Smith answered, and I heard Timothy Silver Fox said the transportation was ready for them. Mrs. Smith had everyone arranged and people exited the house as she instructed. Sandra, April, Aleshia, Elizabeth, Consuela, Jennifer, Wynette, and Mrs. Ruth each gave me a kiss on the cheek as they went out the door. Mrs. Smith said to me she had Four boys, and she was thrilled to be my Mother of the Bride as she also gave me a kiss on the cheek, and we went out the door to our ride.

Timothy was holding the door on a black stretch limo, courtesy of the casino he replied as he held our hand as we entered the limo. Closing the door, he got in the front passenger seat and said on the radio that we were all loaded up. We had a full Police escort front and back. Tim looked at me and said if he let something happen to me there would no place on earth for him to hide from Robert, I would get to the ceremony safety.

We arrived at the meeting ground and Tim escorted me and Mrs. Smith to the bench in the simulated long house. He saluted Robert and Robert returned the salute and said take your post. Robert took my hand as I sat down on the bench. Mrs. Smith sat to my left; Mrs. Ruth sat to Roberts right.

I carry a large white smudge feather instead of flowers. I see the beaded moccasins I made for Robert on his feet. I made them with the girls as we made all our traditional clothing for this trip. I had not given them to him until Mrs. Smith said she wished I had time to make him the beaded moccasins I was to present to him to wear at the ceremony. She heard a giggle from the girls as they said I had a pair I had made for Robert but had not given them to him yet. Mrs. Smith smiled and said Tharuhyawa:ku, the Sky Holder, has ordained and prepared the way for this marriage even bringing the granddaughter of “He Who Stood for the People” back to us.

Judge Moses Fair Wind

I am here to askes the traditional questions: Turning to Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith:

What is your daughter’s name?

Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk

To what clan does your daughter belong?

Black Bear Clan

Do you think that your daughter is capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of marriage?


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