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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 88


K joined me in my office and using her private phone called Mary Schepen.


Mary, tomorrow we are taking our new people out on our Otters for check rides. We will be landing to refuel at the field near Mikes so-called fish camp, but what is really your summer home on Maryland Eastern Shore. The girls are asking to interrupt Mikes’ fishing party with Kevin and Lawrence and join them. They would like to introduce you to their new RPI advisors and explain the new program they are in. We will not be staying the night as we have started to get a handle on all our business projects. Have Mike call Robert to make the arrangements.


Not Ten minutes later Mike called me on his personal secured phone. And said why should I allow you to join my fishing party you still have not paid me for winning the last time?

I replied the Girls are asking. They wished to show their new Advisors the house and introduce them to Blue Crabs. Will you turn them down?

He replied I will allow you and them to join my fishing party. You need to pay me for last time. You and they must catch their own. I will have sufficient throw nets handy. See you tomorrow.

Lt Gen Mike Schepen

Robert’s call was very cryptic, but I understood he wished to meet with General Kevin “Carry On” Carrington and President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon secretly and would help make it happen.

I called Kevin on my personal phone and asked if he could step outside to take a call. He did. I relayed the girls’ desire to introduce their new Advisors to Blue Crab and I needed help in teaching them in the use of a cast net to catch them. I also suggested that he might want to invite Vernon along as an additional instructor. He replied he would ask.

General Kevin “Carry On” Carrington

I received a strange private phone call from Lt Gen Mike Schepen, That he asked me to take outside which meant off government property. I complied and it involved MGen Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior did not surprise me, the involvement of Four young men I just helped to get commissioned did surprise me. His request for the involvement of the President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon really got my curiosity involved. I said I will be there and try to bring Vernon.

Taking my private car and no staff I drove to Lawrence Vernon’s’ home and knocked on his door. He invited me in with no questions. I suggested we take a drive; Lawrence got his coat and told his wife he would be back shortly.

President’s Chief of Staff Lawrence Vernon

I do not know what is up, but I am willing to bet it involves Robert Pierce. General Carrington just smiled at me. And told me of the conversation. After listening I said what time in the morning will you be picking me up? And added one security person each and after telling me 1200 and agreeing to the security he took me home. I would just tell the President General Carrington has invited me to a Blue Crab dinner and would not be available tomorrow.

Since Robert and Kariwase had come on the scene our days have not been dull. But because of them and their actions life was better for people and The United States because of what they had done.

1200 Saturday 21 January Vernon

Right on time General Carrington pulled up and had Lt Gen Even Oaks with him who would take over as J-2 OIC Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Intelligence Section on the First of February. I had Secret Service Agent Joseph Till who specialized in government corruption.

We had our pleasantries and loaded our gear in a Crew Cab Pickup Truck with the name Fish Freighter written on the door. We had noncommittal small talk as Kevin drove along. At 1500 hours we pulled into Mike Schepen vacation fish camp, a Six bath Fourteen room house.

Mike Schepen

Welcome gentlemen, let us go to the boat house and check on the boat. They all followed me and as the last One entered, I closed the door and said I know nothing about what is going on, but Robert just messaged me and said they are on the ground and all the people involved will be here in Fifteen minutes for you to talk to.

I then flipped open the cover on a fish well and showed them the Five Hundred pounds of Soft-Shell Blue Crab that I had acquired last night from different local crabbers who will swear that they helped us catch them today.

I heard a horn sound, and we walked out to see Robert and members of his Clan. There were Six new men in the group I did not recognize and walked to meet them. At my suggestion us men headed back to the boat shed and again closed the door.


I will start off by introducing these men And tell you, their story ... In conclusion, I and other security people believe that we need to find out how many loaded computers are out there in circulation and who has them. Then quietly withdraw them from circulation.

I have no idea of the endgame of what is going on. We only know One person who is directly involved in the operation. I believe Wolverine Clan Industries Inc.; Wappinger Nation are a target but not the main one.

I have declared all information of and even the existence of these computers classified “Top Secret” and “Need to Know” with an assigned Counterintelligence Password Left Spanner.

Even Oaks

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