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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 87


USA 1st Lieutenant Mr. Marcus Alton Night had been medically retired from the Army Three weeks ago. Fourteen months ago, he was injured in an ambush and thought his rehab was going well until Two weeks ago. He had applied for RPI remote learning MS in Cyber Security and RPI accepted him into the program. Out of nowhere the unit XO ordered him to report to a Col. Perrysville Windover Addams USMC for an interview. He kept me standing even though I was on a no prolonged standing protocol. I was interrogated about why I had applied to RPI for Graduate School and what were my intentions in my future military career. I replied to get back to active duty and use my skills learned at RPI to better understand modern electronic warfare and create better methods of intelligence gathering. The next day the XO informed me that the Army was to discharge me today with a Fifty Percent Disability. I was handed a laptop with all my records and information. it was a new program to the medical disabled to better transfer records they would need for their future treatment, employment, education, and make transition to non-military care seamless and easy.


USCG Lieutenant J G Morris Abraham Hamilton, I met the “good” Colonel the day after you did. Ten months earlier a terrorist on a vessel I was leading the search of, shot me. We found the smuggling of antiquities, but we conducted a search on a ship we were not supposed too. People outside my command raised Hell as the ship was on a cleared do not search leaving the Persian Gulf list.

The Colonel started to interrogate me about the search and when I refused to answer his questions and asked to see his security clearance about the matter, he ended the interview. Two days later I was out of the Coast Guard with a Sixty Percent Disability. I was issued a computer from the same program as you. After I saw and had an altercation with the same Colonel.


The Colonel was our XO and in “Command” when the attack happened that we all got wounded in. Marcus interrupted me. Your, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, do you not know that Four men cannot stop a battalion.

I replied we did not stop them, just held them for Twenty minutes for others to stop them. Morris looked at Alex and said Jar Heads I would expect to try things like that, “We am Grunts” but a trained Air Force Technician, I thought you had more brains than that.

He replied, they are my foster brothers if I abandoned them, I would have to explain it to mom and I was not about to have to do that.

I continued, even though we have been discharged by our separate services, at separate places, and separate times. We all have Three things in common: Colonel Addams is unhappy with us; we have been handed computers with a whole lot of records we did not load and have taken the word of other people that all the records are for our benefit.


I do not believe in conspiracy theories, but I do not like the series of coincidences around the good Colonel either. Let us open our computers and look at programs. After Thirty minutes of scanning files nothing seemed out of place, but Morris started to add up drive space occupied and drive space available and the numbers were way off on all six computers. Major Red Flag. What the data was we were having trouble finding out, another serious Red Flag.

I thought of the Four Computer Geeks we worked with and called Christine. On hearing our findings, she said stop what we were doing, she and the rest of the girls were on their way, and she was calling Mrs. Ruth.

Within Five minutes the entire semi adult and adult Clan membership was in the Breakfast room. Christine and Jennifer May each have brought in their matching hardened Neon Yellow and Black striped Computers. Ten minutes later Ryan and his wife brought in Twelve new computers sealed in the boxes.

Behind them came Brigadier General Jedediah Johnston USMC Deputy Command Operation Flash Freeze, Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Richman USMC Joint Serves MP Battalion Commander, Brigadier General Ellington Jeffers Greeley 20th Brigade, Engineers Troop Commander, and Brigadier General Gray Fox MCAS Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation Air Operations Commander. Each brought there Intelligence Officer, JAG Officer, and Senior Enlisted. The last to arrive was Allen Pierre Lighting PA and his wife, Cindy Spring Blossom Lighting PA our Clan Attorneys.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry to call you this evening, but we may have a grave issue developing. These six men with medical disabilities of Fifty Percent or more, by their military commands. All received their discharges by their services within Seventy-Two hours of meeting a Col. Perrysville Windover Addams USMC. He did not hide the fact of his contempt for them and considered them unacceptable as service members. On Five different Military installations across the country. Each was handed a laptop computer on inspection has only their Military, Medical, and Education files as stated to each one of them. The drive space occupied, and drive space available numbers are way off from the information the computers files say they should be.

These hardened computers will in about Fifteen minutes draw of information bit by bit. It will then save onto this First new Computer the files that should be there. These Vampire Computers will take all files off the victims’ computers, sort them, and open them on a Second new Computer for us to view them. The original Computer will not be aware of anything going on and will not set off alarms.

I need you as witnesses to this process and to review the hidden files. I hope it is a wild goose chase. I do not think so. I believe the information we find the gentlemen have on the devices command authorities have not authorized them to possess. If I wanted to cause security issues with people, I would include a program that when the Computer receives a specific signal. It would then release its hidden information to unauthorized sources, even hostile foreign governments.

We have not started yet. I need each of you to certify the new computers are factory sealed. All present examined the sealed computers. Kariwase passed out sealed bound notebooks. I wish you to record the serial and model numbers of the new computers, all did. I have the time at 2243. Ladies proceed.

Jeffs’ computer took Seventeen minutes 11 Seconds. Jacks’ computer took Seventeen minutes 43 Seconds. Marts’ computer took Sixteen minutes 51 Seconds. Alexs’ computer took Nineteen minutes 32 Seconds. Marcs computer took Fifteen minutes 48 Seconds. Morris’ computer took Sixteen minutes 39 Seconds. All present marked the time each download started and finished, and the data bites transferred to each of the new computers.

Jeffs’ computer had the complete after-action report of the attack including recommendations to correct the discrepancies. The radio frequencies and electronic schematics for the RQ-7Bv2 Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System and a second system under development that had won a fly off against a Consumer Electric Corporation subsidiarity.

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