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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 86

1900 Friday 20 January Robert

All our delivery units have returned an all returned with Half or more of their cash still in their possession. All receipts of cash issued, and cash returned balanced to the Twenty. Pictures of the cash chair now flooded the internet.

Wappinger National Bank and Trust Company owned Thirty-Two Regional Bank Companies with at least one branch in each of the Forty-Eight Continental United States. Our ability to self-finance an of our projects in any State on our terms was assured. We would incorporate them as Wappinger National Bank and Trust Company Banks one to Threes systems at a time.

We owned Eight more essential element mines, Four wire cable mills: Steel, Copper, Aluminum, and, stainless steel, Ten precious metal mines, and Twelve refining operations.

We spent Two-Hundred-Eighteen Billion dollars on stock and after we sold what we did not want we made One-Hundred-Ninety-Six Billion and the DOW JONES rose Eleven-point Four percent. There were no weapon incidents and only Six Misdemeanor arrest by Federal Agents. The day was a success on all counts no matter what we measure it with or against.


I do not know why there is a hurry for us to dress for dinner, but we will comply. Alex is the last one to arrive in the to the foyer and the doorman calls our SUV. Thompson our Chauffeur held the door as we got in, closed it, and he got in and drove us to the house. He replied as we got out Good Evening gentleman, we replied Thank-You Thompson. And entered the house where a footman took are coats and hung them in a coat area to dry if needed.

Semin, my shared Valet with Jack had our uniform laid out with a copy of the rules beside it checking ribbon placement, alignment, and spacing. It was near perfect. He looked up as we entered and said Sirs, I have everything laid out for your showers. Jack showered and Semin helped him dress first. I showered and Semin helped me into my uniform. Semin then checked my ribbon placement, alignment, and spacing to ensure it was right as I wore it.

At 1945 I started downstairs walking and not the elevator and Jack, Mart, and Alex joined me. We entered the sitting room and saw I think every Captain and above current on Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field property. We tried to get into the background and hide but the Shadows and the Primaries spotted us. They informed us that Mrs. Ruth had assigned us to tables #2 and #3 together in the center front Four. I thought just what I needed in a room where everyone outranks me either socially or military.

The gong for dinner sounded and we entered the dining room. Us guys pulled out the chairs for our Two ladies starting with the younger ones. The ladies from our team sat on our left and right. I saw the girls that made up the Computer Support units each had a male escort. I learned they were Fifty Percent retired USA 1st Lieutenant Marcus Night working on an MS in Cyber Security and Sixty Percent retired USCG Lieutenant J G Morris Hamilton working on an MS in Computer Quantum Algorithms.

A chaplain led in grace. MGen Pierce stood and addressed Dr Chase, sitting at the head table with his wife Dr Tallman-Chase. Sir, you have an announcement. Dr Chase stood.

2010 Friday 17 January Dr Chase.

I wish to announce a new Work/Study program between Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and RPI. It will allow MS Graduate Students under the Guidance of a Tenured PhD Advisor. To work in their field with the assistance of and be the instructor for One or Two Forth year BS Undergraduate Students. The program will allow all to earn Practical Experience as well as an Education in their chosen field of occupation well earning income for their work.

Will the following first recipients of this opportunity please come forward:

Mr. Martinez Sanchez Davis mentoring Roseland Forest and Aleshia Jasmin Pierce.

Dr Naomie Tallman-Chase Advisor.

Mr. Jackson Andrew Davis mentoring Johanna Warren and Sandra Lee Pierce.

Dr Kariwase Pierce Advisor.

Mr. Jefferson Alexander Davis mentoring Janice Lincolnshire and Elizabeth Anne Pierce.

Dr Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior Advisor.

Mr. Alexander Boone Davis mentoring Eloise Quayman and April Joy Pierce.

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