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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 85

I was in block #11 and the man I was rescuing, Ryan North was waiting with our Three Administrative Assistants and One Accountant. He stood, shook my hand,


This is the total members of our staff: Senior Administrative Assistant Mrs. Nichole Wilmington Sparks. Administrative Assistants Mrs. Carol Joelton River and Mrs. Isabelle Stanton Orman. Our Senior (and only) Accountant Mr. Lenord Arther Stone.

Picking up a stack of papers: Here is the list of items we purchased since we took over. Another Stack here are the original inventories. How complete they are we have not been able to check. A Third stack here is what we issued since we took over. I know not everything issued by us we can account for. We have an electronic scanning system at all issue points but none of them have a person responsible for that issue point.

As we were introducing ourselves, Johanna Warren and Sandra Lee walked into the room, Ryan added welcome to my pile that is growing bigger each day and not enough shovels to keep it moving.


Team here is what I propose, as I took out a Six hundred Double space Logistics Thesis, I had been working on with my brothers for Two years.

I was an assistant warehouse manager for an aircraft unit. Supply chain management is more than running a warehouse. Yes, people I know, Logistic school and MALS 14 Dragons just gave me a small window into how logistics works. Material acquisition, moving, storing, distribution, and the constant control of the process is what makes life enjoyable. I authored this paper, with my brothers in our spare time, to keep from boredom, on The History of Logistics and the Armed Forces of the United States and How Businesses Changed their Supply Chains Because of it. With chapters on: Pre-Civil War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Cold War, Current Actions, Friendly and Hostile Personnel handling and Transportation, Wounded and Deceased Personnel handling and Transportation, Surface Transportation, Water Transportation, Air Transportation, Equipment Acquisition-Maintenance-Repair-and-replacement, and Logistics Control. What businesses learned from the military example, what they should not have learned, what they should have learned now, and how can we reeducate business to make it work better, faster, and cheaper. I brought Ten hard copies so everyone can have one.

Dr. Kariwase Pierce came into the room, Ryan, and I started to stand. She said if we are at work and involved with people or involved with a task keep working. Now let me see this Thesis. Continue with your ideas.

This will be our framework to support all the tasks that Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. are planning on doing. Mrs. Pierce, She stopped me, you will address me at work as K, Continue. I would like to try and borrow Thirty people in Two shifts from hospitality Sunday. At noon all issuing of items from our warehouses and storage places will stop. We will use the inventory system we currently have to count everything. It will take Twelve to Eighteen hours. When we finish inventorying a storage facility, we will lock it and change all entry codes. I will request that at a minimum operation standard the permanently assignment of Twelve people: Six to issue, record, and ask for reorder of items as needed, Six to receive, record, and store items we have ordered, and One of the Three Administrative Assistants will order what we need, the other Two will spot check inventories daily. Johanna Warren and Sandra Lee, I need you to take this generic program and rebuild it or find a replacement that will better suit our needs that must include remote ordering and delivery by our people or outside contractors.

As we get into full operations, we will need One Hundred to One Hundred Twenty people to properly run our Logistics Administration and Accounting Section and The same number in the Warehouse Section to physically receive, store, or distribute, and prepare for shipment to fulfill received orders.

Ryan, do you want the first or second Twelve Hour inventory shift, he said second, 2000-0400. I replied I will take the 1100-2300. Our overlap should help solve problems. K, I request that you be here at our office space from 0800 to 1700 hours to run interference for us if needed.

Johanna said to us, we will have our Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Logistics Inventory and Control System online by 1000 hours Sunday and ready for operations. Great Mrs. P, I mean K can you please ensure that it will take a level I or II to get anything issued Sunday and they must come to me to get it. No, she replied they will have to come to me. I will be the only one authorizing any issues from 0800 Sunday until 0800 Monday.

My last point may cause real contention. The Logistics Division needs to be the Central and only Purchasing Agency. This Division needs to be the purchaser of all items. We will receive them. We will create a paper trail for them. We then will redistribute them. We will be the disposal authorization for all non-consumable items. This includes all Fuel, Food, parts, and even a new aircraft needs to come through Logistics.


As I am your direct supervisor and charged with getting our house in order. I can see the need for this so that everything will come through Logistics. Logistics will have someone to sign for it and create a paper trail.

We discussed the upcoming inventory and how we would accomplish it. We discussed the furniture that was in every workspace. Nichole suggested we issue a sheet of One hundred Bar Codes and a number matching inventory sheet for each room or office space. The person responsible for that space will attach a barcode label to each item with a value above Fifty-Dollars. Note that item on the inventory sheet by the matching bar code. We include a warning that in a week we will check the inventories and all items valued at Fifty-Dollars and above without a bar code we will confiscate.

I will make the request for the permanent transfer of Twenty Level V/IV personnel and Five Level III personnel from Hospitality to Logistics. They will do our inventory and then we will assign them to issue points and storage facilities.

I approved of our plans, and I would let Robert know our plan of attack.

Looking at the clock I said it is time, we need to stop and dress for dinner. Our family will invite all staff in this meeting and spouses to dinner this evening. Coat and Tie for the men, Dress for the ladies, it is semi formal.


This was a huge building; Col Fox directed me to office wedge section #8. I would share the space with OSHA. We both fight a government bureaucracy that knows we are guilty of a crime they have not found out what it was or how we covered it up yet. But they will, then fine us when they do.

I had Dr Tallman, Dr William Smith our OSHA, Roseland Forest, Aleshia Jasmin, and my Twenty-One operators in the conference room. I am Martinez Sanchez Davis. I am the Director of The Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field Environmental Sanitation Utilities and The Senior Public Health Facilities Inspector.

We will work with OSHA and The Medical Center to ensure that no public health emergencies happen due to contamination by pathogens, chemicals, or stupidity; of the water we use, the liquid or solid waste we dispose of. We will exceed all Local, State, and Federal Rules and Guidelines.

I know we are verry short staffed. That will not be excepted as an excuse for a reportable event. If we have an area that is currently in danger of failure, I need to know of it now. None that you want to report or are all our systems functioning as they were planned to function. All reported, all our systems functioning as they were planned to function. Great, keep them that way through scheduled maintenance.

I am authorizing a Twenty-Five hundred bounty on all trained people you bring to us, up to Four. They must pass our background checks, remain employed Ninety days before we paid the bonuses. We may not take more than Twenty-Five percent of the people from any single municipality or special district.

We will have Three Water Treatment, Three Sewage Treatment, Four Solid Waste, and Four Special Compounds Disposal people return to us in Four days. HR authorized me to hire up too One Hundred Percent of all positions not counting these people, they will be our fillers for vacation and sick leave. You know we pay better and have better benefits because we want the best people. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity. We will pay for travel to come for an interview and moving expenses for those we hire. Beat the bushes, find good people.

The U S Army Potable Water Consumption Planning Factors by Environmental Region and Command Level is minimal levels of water we need to operate, and we will follow its guidelines as law. \

This does not consider the water used for aircraft maintenance, manufacturing, and recreation. We will account for their uses when we get estimates from each area of concern.

We will be responsible for supervising the oversight of the Agricultural Aircraft Operations in there cleanup and wastewater disposal. The disposal of all contaminated POLs from all facilities that manage POLs. We are the reporting activity for all spills. We will monitor all retention ponds and all ground water runoff. We will implement a Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. wide mandatory recycling operation on all waste, Liquid, Solid, and Gases where applicable. If we use it, acquire it, or manufacture it as a by product we will properly dispose of it.

Until we receive people all over time we will pay at double time, but you will not work more than Sixty hours in a Seven-day pay period. We will stay safe and keep Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, and Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. safe at the same time.

Dr Tallman, Dr William Smith, Roseland Forest, Aleshia Jasmin, and I will develop a regulation and policy procedures manual in the next Five days. You will read it and make suggestions for changes, additions, and deletions. This will be the rules by which you work, if things are wrong in the rules now is the time to correct them.

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