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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 84


Mrs. Ruth and I called all Twelve girls into the sitting room. I said Robert is suggesting a change in the way your RPI education will be done the rest of the semester.

Dr. Tallman will be Mr. Martinez’s Advisor, as he works as the Director of The Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field Environmental Sanitation Utilities and Public Health Facilities Inspector, as a Graduate Student, and he takes Roseland Forest and Aleshia Jasmin as students.

I will be Mr. Jackson’s Advisor, as he works as the Director of Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field Supply and Logistics as a Graduate Student, and he takes Johanna Warren and Sandra Lee as students.

Robert will be Mr. Jefferson’s Advisor, as he works as the Director of The Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Project Review Officer for the Fifty-Three Projects we are committed to, as a Graduate Student, and he takes Janice Lincolnshire and Elizabeth Anne as students.

Dr. Samuel Jackson Lafayette will be Mr. Boone’s Advisor, as he works as the Director of The Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Manufacturing and Review Officer as a Graduate Student, and he will take Eloise Quayman and April Joy as students.

Dr Violet Jackson will be the Advisor of a Graduate Student working on a MS and the student working as the Director on the integration of The IBM Blue Gene L Supercomputer into RPI and Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. and takes Wynette Lee Silver Fox and Cassidy Sherman as students.

Dr Lydia Gray Jennifer will be the Advisor of a Graduate Student working on a MS and the working as the Director of Cyber Security to enhance Wappinger Nation, Wolverine Field, Wolverine Clan Industries Inc., and RPIs Cyber Security system and develop our Cyber Forensics abilities and takes Jennifer May Silver Fox and Christine Shepard as students.

Each Graduate Student must write up a report of the problems they faced, Steps taken to correct the problems, what worked an what did not, How to prevent the same recuring problems in the future, and How can others apply their solution. Also included are what education they have given to the students under them, and could those students teach others to learn what they learned.

The Final Finished Thesis with grades for their students with explanations for them to their respected Advisors by 1 May, presentation by 7 May and they can enter their PhD Program in the fall semester. Their students on taking the GRE and receiving an acceptable grade as determined by their Graduates Students Advisor and a Select Committee appointed by me. They will be able to enter the MS Program of their choice, with their Advisors agreement.

Mrs. Ruth added if we require you to travel or to stay overnight the Shadow will decide if their Principle will travel or not. In no cases will our people use adjoining room between Male and Female staff members to avoid even a hint of impropriety between any member of the Wolverine Clan and/or Employees of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. is this clear.

I continued, can all you girls except these new education plans. Start with the Shadows and going down to mine and Robert’s girls all agreed. Good I will let Robert know and Dr. Chase will announce the program this evening before dinner.

It is 1600 hours the Four young men will be going back to the headquarters building for a 1630 to 1800 planning meeting on how to achieve the goals that have been set. We all need to join them. You will travel in your “Car” and the young men in one of the SUVs. We will keep all our contact without question,

We still have enemies out there that would use any impropriety or invented impropriety to attack us. We must always think how an enemy may use what I say, how I act, or what I do against me, my family, or my company. Attacks will come but make them work for them, no freebies.


Taylor prodded, measured, and adjusted me more than the uniform fitting before the Presidential Medal Ceremony. Taylor said my fitting with him was complete.

The MGen left word to dress for work. Mine and Jeffs shared Valet Drover laid out clothes then asked if I needed anything else. No, I replied and Thank-You Drover.

Mom said she was not our maid and to pick up after ourselves, how will she react to us having a person to pick up after us and laughed at that thought.

I was the last to arrive downstairs and my brothers were waiting. Alex said we thought you might just skip the meeting and lounge in your room as staff brought you food, and the other Two laughed at the comments.

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