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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 83


Sir, we will gladly help you. We can put off or Graduate School till September. Besides no Marine SNCO would ever leave an officer swinging in the wind after the officer truly asked for help. It is unprofessional and conduct unbecoming of a Marine SNCO I do not know about the Air Farce thou.

I will do Fifty-Three Project reviews but not ESSAY until I learn more about it; I will need from you a smart assistant and smart team members. Could your girls do distant learning from the house so we could have smart people like the shadows helping us.

Janice Lincolnshire, Elizabeth Anne shadow. I know even without her degree she is the kind of person that could place herself into the machine or component and find out what is wrong with it. We can take turns flying a PC-12 as needed. Rent tools and equipment as needed. Overnighter separate rooms, separate floors, separate buildings if needed to ensure professionalism and leave no questions of our integrity.


I could use Johanna Warren and Sandra Lees Computer skills to set up our supply chain and keep track of not only Wappinger Nation Wolverine Clan Industries Inc.’s needs but the projects also. It will take a great deal of computer programing and input to accomplish this.


Roseland Forest and Aleshia Jasmin Mechanical Engineering will help the primary health and safety concerns of Wappinger Nation. We can keep your system running and people healthy. Sisters Jennifer May and Wynette Lee with their shadows Christine Shepard and Cassidy Sherman could run your Electronic Communications and Electronic Entertainment until you can find the staff you need.

I know a retired Commander Samuel Jackson Lafayette. He Commanded Seabee Battalion 3 in the sandbox. He retired at Little Creek but is looking for this kind of job as Director of Facilities. He could find CPOs or Junior Officers for Deputy Director, Construction, Buildings Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, and Housing Maintenance. MGen Pierce replied to me Dr. Lafayette is arriving on Monday to take the job of The Director of Facilities Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation.

I would move the Field Public Transportation and their Vehicle Maintenance to Hospitality permanently as they are doing an excellent job with it now. Remember no good deed or job goes unpunished.


That leaves me the factory Eloise Quayman and April Joy shadow Mechanical Engineering will help me separate the good from the bad. I know from just a casual talk; people cannot bull shit her. Her help in watching my back out there will be invaluable, and I will need it watched. I can trust her as long as I treat her as the superior mind she is, I will not worry about my back. We both can fly and with a PC- 12 add crew members to our team as we hire them. Rent tools and equipment for each sight and not drag them around. As with Jeff and Janice, overnighter separate rooms, separate floors, separate buildings if needed to ensure professionalism and leave no questions of our integrity. With all my traveling I will stay at your house and not a home until things do settle down. The other Three agreed with me, so we would live for now with the Pierce Family. And please do not give the Jar Heads color markers they think they are crayons and will try to eat them.


I will Call Dr. Chase and find Two of his PhD Computer Science Graduate Students that could use a semester off to experiment with The IBM Blue Gene L Supercomputer we owned and were trying to figure out the best uses for it.

That will allow them to continue working on projects for us and get an RPI education as well.


Robert looked at us around the table. I said you asked for ideas and help, you got a bigger dump load than you asked for. The girls can do remote learning now that they have completed the RPI required orientation. I will talk to the shadows. You will need to explain to Elizabeth Anne and April Joy why they cannot travel to projects, even ones that are day trips.

It would solve the startup problems and we will have a real plan when the reserve group returns from their vacation and are ready to work the projects. I will not need any of the girls as we have finished all the final drawings of ESSAY and can assemble it as soon as the concrete pool cures.

I do have a thought about sight Three with people dragging their feet at sight Two, how about the Mohawk Ahkwes hsne Reservation. Principle Nation Chief Ira Smith has said that there power bill is too high and because of litigation over water flow the Niagara Falls Power Authority is charging them verry high nonindustrial rates.


Jeff and Alex would you take Elizabeth Anne and April Joy along if their shadows agree on day trips and I will authorize an overnighter or Two? Both replied if Janice and Eloise agreed, yes.

I will call and talk to Dr. Chase about the change in plans for all our students. If RPI requires an on-campus day, we will make the arrangements.

K we need to fly Tuesday up to the Nation and talk with Principle Nation Chief Ira Smith. We will take Nelson and Victoria so they can arrange their household goods shipment.

I want you Four guys to go to the house and settle in and call your folks and let them know your plans. Do not mention what the military has been doing here today. K will talk to all Twelve girls and find out if they can agree with this plan. If we need your PC-12, can we use it if you have no plans to? All Four agreed yes, Tim, call Rotuman and tell him to add their PC-12 to the fleet operation cycle. If they need to go home and theirs is not available, they can use any other aircraft we have available that they have had a check flight on, and we do not have scheduled for a flight. K call your “Car” and take them home and introduce them to the staff.


“The Car” was a Fourteen passenger Rolls Royce limousine with Chauffeur that held the door for us, Col. Fox instructed us that Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Ruth should enter last exit first as they out ranked us, and we needed to get used to the new rank and protocol procedures. Our Valets would instruct us in our place which, not to insult us, was at the bottom, as guests not family. Family are above guests. All the other guests had a position to warrant a higher status than us.

The British system was to address all household staff by their last name. Fellow guests by Mr., Mrs., or Miss. and there last name unless they invite you to address them by their first name. It will take time for us to abide by it, but this is the way the house is run. We will follow the rules.

The Butler Raleigh met us guys at the front door, who said Mam, addressing Mrs. Pierce, the gentleman’s Valets are in the Sitting Room. We were led to a room just off the hall where Two men were standing. Mrs. Ruth took charge after Raleigh handed her a card.

Mrs. Ruth

Mr. Jefferson Alexander Davis, the house will address you as Mr. Jefferson. Mr. Jackson Andrew Davis, the house will address you as Mr. Jackson. This is Semin, your shared Valet. Mr. Martinez Sanchez Davis, the house will address you as Mr. Sanchez. Mr. Alexander Boone Davis, the house will address you as Mr. Boone. This is, Fountain your shared Valet.

I know you young gentleman, we have placed you in an environment verry foreign to you and you must adjust to it. With your military background I know you will and do it quickly. The house runs on a Twenty-Four-hour clock, nothing new to you.

It is 1500, Robert, has decided that you must have a wardrobe to fit our household. At 1600 you will have a Taylor come here and fit you for new clothing. You will not get to choose anything. I, K, and Raleigh will decide what you need with your status in the house, and Robert is paying for the clothes. I have spoken with your mother and will incorporate her suggestions into the selections.

After the Taylor, you will dress in the provided work uniform of Wolverine Clan Industries Inc ... khaki Trousers, Orange Polo Shirt with the Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. crest on it, black safety boots, and orange winter coat also with the crest on it. The Orange means that you are a Supervisor level I or II. Employees may ask you to make emergency decisions about items not in your work area, but a Supervisor needs to decide on an answer right now. I know you will live up to the task that Robert has set before you.

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