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Genins Girls of the Nations

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Chapter 82

1100 Friday 20 January Robert

Received a call that our Four Southern Guests were on final and needed to meet them at Flight Operations to see what we were getting.

My girls had left the trading pit, as they called it, handing their shift over to the RPI crew to sell off what Wolverine Clan Industries did not want to keep in our portfolio. The purchase of the controlling interest in the Financial, Utilities, and Mining shares we desired was progressing smoothly.

All units were going to hold at their bank and return to the “Cookie Jar” with the what Roger San Dee and the FDIC deemed as excess cash on hand for the business each branch does.

Jackson Davis

Cut cards, I won; I am PIC. Wheels up just after sunrise Under a Four-hour flight with time change requesting clearance from Albany directed to Wolverine Field Frequency. 1115. Requested clearance and gave our clearance code, clear to land on runway 45R. I had checked the runways as I filed my flight plan and had the right heading to land on 45R. Ask if we needed fuel, not at this time, I replied. Welcome to our madhouse, You have a large crowd waiting on you. Land, directed to the front of a hangar with three Air Tractors and Six PC-12’s. We got out and before we could tie it down, the ground guide instructed us to put it in the hangar. Moved our aircraft to the hangar, Got out. A Marine Master Gunnery Sargent Rotuman was waiting for us to shut down, deplane, and put the aircraft to bed. He watched us as we did the work. He Looked the plane over and said you do keep it nice. Told him dad is a stickler and beyond the FAA requirements. The MGy Sgt told us that he was responsible for all aircraft flown by the Wolverine Clan, Wappinger Nation and if the aircraft stayed, it would belong to him and no one would fly it unless he cleared it to fly, did we understand that. Yes, MGy Sgt all Four of us replied.

The MGen in an Army uniform and his wife came up and we all started to salute but stopped in time. The MGy Sgt said they are not house broken yet, so he would be glad to use us, but he knew the Major had first dibs.

He announced himself, DR. Robert Hayowentha Pierce Senior, his wife DR. Kariwase Twin Lakes Tall Elk Pierce, and The Wolverine Clan, Wappinger Nation Mother Mrs. Ruth Ann Harper Jackson. I introduced each of us, Jefferson Alexander Davis, Martinez Sanchez Davis, Alexander Boone Davis, and myself Jackson Andrew Davis who won the deck cut to be POC today.


You have met Master Gunnery Sargent Rotuman and yes, he does own all aircraft on our field, and yes, he says what flies and what stays grounded. The others in our Aviation Division you will meet are soon to be retired acting Sargent Major USMCR Sargent Yolanda Zulu, Director Of Operations Wolverine Field. George Paris, Director of all Air Operations, he has been FAA Grounded for health reasons. Wynonna Far See Cook Major USMCR, Chief Instructor Pilot. She will check your Logbooks and do check flights before you fly one of our aircraft. Retired USA MSgt Hernandez Martinez, Chief Instructor And Maintenance Technicians of our Maintenance Training Academy. Retired Captain USN Oliver James Stewart, Senior Pilot. He will decide if you can fly for us and what aircraft you do it in. Remedios Bestia, Senior Pilot Operations XO. Jeremy Bastion, Senior Pilot Agriculture Aviation Operations if you fly AG you fly for him. Senior Pilot Cargo Operations Kim Smith-Read, Cargo is her domain. Sophia Domenico, Chief Senior Pilot Charter Operations

These are our girls actually my granddaughters and grandson that we are raising due to the death of their parents. Sandra Lee Pierce, April Joy Pierce, Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, Elizabeth Anne Pierce, and Robert Hayowentha Pierce III.

The girls protectors First Lieutenant USMCR Johanna Warren-Sandra Lee Pierce, First Lieutenant USMCR Eloise Quayman-April Joy Pierce, First Lieutenant USMCR Roseland Forest-Aleshia Jasmin Pierce, and Captain USMCR Janice Lincolnshire-Elizabeth Anne Pierce. All our shadows can fly the PC-12.

Colonel USAR Timothy Silver Fox, his wife Service Widow, Consuela Leandra Tall Elk Silver Fox, her children James Tall Elk Junior and Isabella Gentle Wind Tall Elk, Tim’s sisters Jennifer May Silver Fox and Wynette Lee Silver Fox.

The girls protectors First Lieutenant USMCR Christine Shepard-Jennifer May Silver Fox and First Lieutenant USMCR Cassidy Sherman-Wynette Lee Silver Fox.

All the girls attend RPI and are on their last semester to earn bachelor’s Degrees. You will not ride with them unless invited, it is an all-girls club and for your sanities protection stay away from it.

Sargent Major Arthur William Smith USMCR Chief of Police Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation. Retired Master Gunnery Sargent USMC Doral Elwood Hayes Deputy Assistant Chief of Police, Deputy Director Security Weapons Ranges and Weapons Training. If you wish to possess a firearm of any kind on Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation he will have to sign off on it and requires quarterly firing proficiency practice minimum and yearly qualification to keep firearms. If you have concealed carry and he is satisfied with your firearm proficiency and your intelligence, he will allow us to request you as a Special, Federal, Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation DOD Police Officer.

Get your logbooks and follow MGy Sgt Rotuman to the Wolverine Clan Industries Inc. Aviation Operations Wolverine Field, Wappinger Nation headquarters for your interviews, we will take care of your gear afterwards. Go.


I got to go first. Major Cook USMCR Chief Instructor Pilot Reviewed my logbook from day one. My gaps in flying were due to training or deployments. Retired Captain Stewart USN Senior Pilot took me to a parked PC-12 and said start it up. I asked for the check list and was told it was in the book. Looked behind my seat and found the book and the preparation for flight check list, launch check list, preparation for landing check list, and the tie down check list. Using the preparation for flight checklist I started with line one, this was not hard, Dad was a stickler for following the check list, never do it from memory, do it from the book or do not fly! Destination Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport Warren County, New York, do flight plan, finished start up, started up, got clearance, airborne. Cleared Wolverine Field, Cleared Regional flight level, Fifteen minutes later landed using the runway automatic system as there was no tower crew. Checked in with regional, airborne, back to Wolverine Field, requested and received clearance, landed, topped of fuel, tied down and put it to bed.

Told to report to Jeremy Bastion Senior Pilot Agriculture Aviation Operations and AT-504. Checklists, load Thousand pounds water and deicer, launch make Four passes on an area engineers are clearing, load empty, return to field, repeat shut down to insure the tank and spraying system is empty at the dump flush area, back to hangar, put it to bed.

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